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Good job on finishing the game!

And yes the game needs fixing in multiple areas 

thanks for playing

yes we should've added checkpoints 

Thanks and glad you liked it!

glad you liked it !

Hey there ehab! 

Thanks for your comment.

The reason for Cubo being slow is just to balance things out since Cube can jump really high.

But as Muhammad said it will be changed in future updates.

I really like the idea!

thanks! I will now 

thanks! Ill check it now 

Hi anas!

i just played and rated your game and i really like it, it reminds me somehow of portal (the raycast laser thing)

really good job and good luck :D

Hey there im really glad you like the game

The game is going to be optimized to work on most android phones in sha allah.

Checkpoints will also be added also.


Hi! Im really glad you liked our game!

Checkpoints are the first thing thats gonna be added in future updates!

Thanks for the note :)!

Thanks! Already rated it, awesome game

Thanks alot! and nice game!

i really like the concept and the implementation but id suggest if you change the controls like select the object first then move with arrows or smth, that would be better i think, other than that good job!