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This was really something and the art is kinda hot too :D

This is very enjoyable and mysterious can't wait for more

also the guy who lost his wife to the wolves i will make him mine if i get the chance (of course its my goal for every male...they shall be my harem)

they just want to (cough) have a good time with you per say xD


dealing with the wolves isn't even difficult you just submit to them until they like you then its just a nice wolf gangbang everytime

I love everything!  That blacksmith is really hot too from what i was reading. All i need left to do is get the nymph the swamp monster and the werewolf to 100 favor


I love/hate Nasir soo much xD, But the solution is simple in my head.. later on Kol tells him why it's not working between them..and then a lightbulb pops above me... if i can convince him to maybe try a different approach..maybe we can make this a threeway relationship :D. On a side note this vn made me more happy than it should have!

i was so hoping for this xD, for awhile in the back of my head i've been thinking what if a few yrs after dyne releases this fully.. he releases a remastered version with a route for richard but this clears that thought away.

I've been reading your books and other stories from your Lit. yrs , color me surprised when I saw you having a V.N. in the works. Can't wait!!

loved it, also gave me good memory from having to remember all the answers to every question every time i got one wrong (all of them xD)

Massage the Adonis of a rhino you say 'smirks that evil smirk'