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is this UE5 compatible?

I am actively developing a game in the engine now. Love it so far! If you have the time to post an English example in the near future, I would very much appreciate it! 

Do you have any examples of the kinds of scripts we can add to the Terminals in the Terminals and Triggers?  

Thank you for the fast reply!  I LOVE this ENGINE! :)

Is there a way to put objects on floors other than the first floor, or on walls or anything? Every time I attempt to do so it seems to negate any other modifiers on the space.

These look great! What kind of animations come with them?

No worries. I’ve been there too. I hope things go well with this - don’t let the trolls get you down! The fact that you’re putting work out there is already more than most ever do. Good luck!

I’m sorry that the image not loading on the site here - which is what I was talking about (there is no need to download your app to see it) - has caused you so much stress. I’m happy to delete my comments. I was trying to help you - because it looks bad when the image doesn’t load here on itch. It made it difficult to see how the software worked. It seems to be working fine now. Again, not looking to stir anything up with you - was genuinely trying to help. Lesson learned.

What is the file format?

Sent!  Thank you for doing that!! I can't wait to check it out!

if you make any 8bit music that is as good as this, I am confident that GB Studio users will love it and use it. I would be using these in a game my team is working on now if they were 8bit!

Do you know if these can be used in GB Studio?  I love the sound of them, I'm just not sure if they're going to be compatible or not.

Is it possible to see your project file? I'd love to be able to look at your scripting!

Is there anyway to load your own art into this and generate your own dungeons?

I'm confused on this one - is this music + art, or are the art assets not included in this bundle?