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Thank you SO MUCH! It is very motivating, and perhaps a good omen for the future, to receive a generous review and donation on a day I started a new job!

I am already pinpointing the name issue, did it change in the menu or just in the text name boxes following the key item? I definitely missed a few lines of dialogue which are being cleaned up lol!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far. I am still working on this, it is a hobby project. I have a lot of ideas to continue expanding on it but I'm not giving away any spoilers! :D Don't underestimate the Will of the Witch Queen!

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Treasure listing doesn't work; after you close and reload the game it automatically fills in all entries up to the highest one defeated (whether those enemies were encountered or not); Makers suggestion for adding a description tag doesn't work. This Plugin has some issues that need to be fixed before it is actually usable.

Awesome, can't wait!

Thank you so much for the glowing review! I'm particularly glad that you liked how diverse and flavored the combat is, and the balance I managed to hit with items vs magic. I tried to make a game that appealed to my retrobrain and all the fun cool and rewarding things I liked about those games growing up. I have the second chapter quite well underway, so I hope you'll be back in a few months when that's ready. I think my plans for the future will satisfy :D

You should be able to play it with any standard "XBox 360" style modern controller, I've been playtesting it using a controller the whole time. :) Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoy it!

Have you had a chance to get this fixed up? :)

You rock! Looking forward to it :D

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I don't think it's an interaction with another plugin, I've done extensive juggling with them to pinpoint it. It's definitely a strange one. this video link will show what I'm talking about. Thanks for the updates :D If there is a way to check and exclude itself from the battle scene windows that would likely solve it. This plugin is definitely a top tier concept and honestly I'm shocked that it hasn't been implemented in RPG Maker already lol

I feel like I've been here before... some... Twenty-odd years gone by...

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If you can I think it would be great to have the victory text and face graphics adjustments as options that can be turned on/off. Thanks for your time and work!

EDIT: Also seems to cause the first word of the second victory message box (for items found, level ups) to have a line break after it. Thanks again!

If used with GALVs Message Busts it works fantastic. One bit oddity I've found is the battle victory text (Win/Xp/GP) lines are all on a single line instead of individual. Not really an issue, but worth noting as it could be worth making an option for whether it does that or not. Great stuff though will be using!

Needs a section to detect if there is a face graphic being used and to alter the word wrapping with regards to that :D

I think he dropped a palette-conversion tutorial on his patreon a few months back that would help with this

When changing the quest settings (showing next steps, marking complete, etc) via plugin command it seems to turn on/off global switches.

Appears to turn game switches on and off, causing errors with other gameplay flow.

Hey Raizen, you may appreciate the new demo I uploaded that uses this plugin. Wanted to share what I've managed to do with this in the last 3 weeks! Check my page if you want to take a look :)

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Looks like the remove function still doesn't work unfortunately. I'll see if I can figure out where the problem is. Think it may be an error in the "remove_specific_card_tt" function, but my scripting ability is limited as yet. Everything else works pretty well though.

Right on! Now I can add a way to trade in extra cards for other stuff like healing items, accessories, etc

Is there any way to check the amount of cards owned of a specific ID? Like to see if I have 5 or more of the same card?

Suggestion on how to switch between the two settings in game?

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No worries friend! I've been making good use of it. I'm not a great coder yet but I have been learning by reading through the script of this and the booster pack plugin. If you'd like to see what I have going so far, I'd be happy to share!

Any suggestions on how to add a command to change the image for battle background? Having the ability to choose a variety of tables depending on location/enemy would be awesome!

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Having trouble figuring out how to limit weapons and armor to certain classes by type, keep getting a JSON error. Basically want that to work like normal, currently everyone can equip any type of weapon or armor

EDIT: Figured out how to limit equips to a single class, but I can't get it to allow an item to be equipped by more than one class. Example: I want to make robes equppiable by Priest and Witch classes.  note tag <equip-requires: classid GTE 10> doesn't allow classes greater than id 10 to equip