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It does!!

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I know it´s shallow but by this games' images it seems to be inspired on the game "Tavern of Spear", is that correct?

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I remember when I played Soccer Fucker Hunter and I liked it but felt the animation could be better, as well as the audio, then in the "Fucker Hunter: Harvest Moon Parody" I think it was better, it also had only music, but this game is way better, with a little story told in a comic style and with full animations that are different depending on the form you choose for the burglar as well as a nice drawing style, I specially liked the fact that you can see the protagonist in a third person perspective, except when you're taliking to the burglar, but that's understandable and makes me remember the other games.

It's a nice game and I hope to see more of it in the future!

It must be, I don't know what it says though, I never knew morse code...

I just arrived to this page to download the game and the first words that appeared were "there is always another way" before the rest loaded, I'm slightly scared and more interested now

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I just finished playing Gio's route and It's...weird, I didn't get to have a bond with him, it may be because I played the game in parts, I feel it was rushed or didn't have a lot of development, just two or three decisions define your whole relationship with him, I think it could've had more depth or more things, overall it was nice to me, but just that, nice, I'll play the game later to see with the rest of the routes, I hope they're different, maybe it's actually good but I had very high expectations, I downloaded the game not long after having finished Our Life: Beggining and Always, so maybe it's the differencies in length that make me feel like that, maybe it's because I personally like longer and way more developed VNs, I think it's both (I'm not saying The Blind Griffin isn't developed or not developed enough, just that other ones have more development) also, I liked that it happened in the 20s and that it shows the words used at that time, that's really nice!

Mayer had skills and he really was important for this project and, more importantly, you, I hope you get better, I wish you the best and am sorry for his death, he's better wherever he is, we don't know where dead people go, but we know for a fact that living people miss them.

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So... I made a comment on the game saying I'd maybe come back to talk about the game once I finished Step 4 and so I will, this game is absolutely amazing, the moments I had with this game are great, it took me many nights to finish the game because I only played it at night when my mom and sister were asleep, this game made me have many emotions and some moments made me feel extremely good, like the failed kiss in the road trip, the first kiss and the confession with cove in Step 2, the fireworks that made me feel amazed and very energetic along with the fireflies that made me feel calm and happy in Step 3, the party and dance was for me the best thing in Step 3, at that point I felt nice, blissful and just... Calm and relaxed, like nothing was wrong, everything was perfect...

There were other very memorable moments for me that I remember with fondness because of some things of mine, like the road trip in Step 2 in which Elizabeth gives you a bag of chips that you can take a fistful of or the little road trip to Kyra's house in Step 3 in which you go to the same place as the road trip in the previous step, I have an older sister that's 3 or 2 years older than me so there were some things I could relate with (depends on the days we have our birthdays) and I used to go to road trips with my mom, dad and sister to some places in the province we live in, one road trip every summer, for 5 summers, we'd prepare things the previous day, wake up early the next one, put the things in the car and get pillows so my sister and I could rest, the places we went to were good and I had happy moments there, times in which I didn't have to care about many things, but the travel to the place is the memory I hold in my mind the most and remember the best.

I got kind of off topic there, sorry... What I want to say is that Our Life: Beggining & Always is a great game, even with a direct crush and love later on, the relationship didn't feel rushed at all and had a good development! I love the last dialouges, about "Our story" and I thought "The end of the story of our life..." both refering to the game's name and the end of the story of the life of Cove and the protagonist, a game that I didn't think really had a certain plot, it had a timeline and events, but it was always about experiencing life, its small details and strong happiness and hardships, it's a game about life and a good one at that, maybe that's the plot, life itself... Our life, the beggining and the always of it...

This game is a game I HOPE and BEG to remember to play again later in life, even if it means next year, 2022, following another route or with DLCs because in this game there are so many different choices and outcomes interconnected with eachother and it's certainly worth playing 3 times or more.

To the person who's still reading this, thank you, you're patient enough to read all the text I wrote, I most likely don't know you and probaly never will and you most likely don't know me and probably never will, but I hope this game has taught you something and I hope you enjoyed it, after all, we're also living our own life, just like the characters in the game, every action and dialouge in your life is like in this Visual Novel, you have choices you make in every step of your life and in the end all of the moments you experience become a memory of what they once were, like the game says.

I hope you have a great life as much as I hope to have a great life myself, I wish you the best and, understand, life is very complex and many things are interconnected, so try not to make a bad use of it and learn from other people's mistakes, if you know you can do something bad for you and/or someone else or follow someone's advice and not do it, don't do it.

I love all who read this VERY long comment and... Well... Not much else to say really, have a great life and have a great rest of your day, just remember that our lives have the potential to be beautiful with our decisions, let's make the best use of it before dying.

Goodbye and good luck.

I've played step 1, 2 and 3 and am playing step 4 without any DLCs but I can say with absolute certainty that this game is BEAUTIFUL! Many things are connected with each other and the development of the relationship with Cove is excellent! I got scared when I heard the song and saw the credits at the end of step 3 but seeing there was step 4 cheered me up A LOT, this kind of games deserve to be very popular, really, a lot of effort was put into this game and it really payed off, the way Cove's personality changes depending on your decisions, the customization of your character, the form of affection you choose to have with Cove and your relationships with others, along with different issues, the hardships of growing up, lots of memorable moments and a great OST, made this game my personal favourite, I've played it for days, a few hours at a time, and I can tell you that I 've never played a game that not only entertained me, but also made me feel such emotions with such ease, I really hope this game becomes way more popular because it deserves the popularity.

Well, I think I made it pretty clear, I love the game, I wrote the whole Bible in a comment expressing my love for it and I wish you good luck finishing everything in this game and the next ones you make! I'll most likely comment when I finish step 4, I already got some spoilers from the internet, but it only makes me more curious about everything!