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Very well done!  I loved that I wasn't hounded the whole time by some annoying monster.  Just dread and suspense.  10/10

Very nice little project.  I'd love to see the spaceship turn faster.  Keep up the good work

I enjoyed this.  Good work!


A+ game!  Really fun!

Why is it two handed?  Make the spacebar and WASD work during conversations and it's a one handed game.

DUDE!  This is great!  A+

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The text speed is unbearably slow. Fix that and you've got a decent little title.

DUDE!   10/10.  Way too creepy!

Another solid game.  Clicking when text is appearing should skip the animation, not the text.

Good game, great atmosphere.  But for the love of Pete, I'd call the running speed too slow if that was the walking speed!

Just wow.  So much better than a game like this has any right to be!  My ONLY suggestion would be to add a button to show objects you can interact with as there were a few items I didn't notice.  10/10

This was very remeniscent of Cube Escape games by Rusty Lake.  Overall I enjoyed it!  Good luck!