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Are you gonna make an Android version freeze studios

Tokiant bro give me the link to the mobile version it's not showing in google play

can you make a version without RTP bro I cant play this game in my android phone on Joiplay the game worked in version 1.2 so can you pls make an version without RTP bro

Hey QZ production can you give me the game file without the RTP file bro so I can play it in Joiplay It worked before without RTP so give me the download link without RTP

Kousuke-shi bro I can't play the game in Joiplay can you give me the version without RTP bro and that version that's works with Joiplay

Give me the link to that website

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Hey bro can you make an Android version of this game bro I am a YouTuber bro I will play it I don't have a Pc