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If that were to happen right now it would work, but in the future there's a chance we might have to change some things in the code and it may be necessary to start over.

You mean the arrows on top of the characters when you defeat them?
You can press either Up or Down to activate the lewd scenes with the defeated characters.

Hello! We're really glad you enjoyed it!
We did consider other character, but for now it'll be just Arma. We need a bigger team to be able to bring more to the game, until you can do this we'll stick to the plan of making 5 stages and Arma as the playable character only

We'd love to bring it to as many platforms as possible. But right now our focus is on the windows version.

Hello! Thanks for the question! We're glad you liked the game. The plan is to have just a demo for free and the final game will be sold here and other platforms as well.

We do have a discord server for supporters on Patreon or SubscribeStar

That's really cool! Would love to see a video

Try clicking the window and press F11

We do, we have an active patreon where we post updates.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Right now you can hold the jump button to automatically jump off of them. See if it helps

Mobile version is not on the plans

I can see that working as a Costume DLC, but that would be a long way from now lol

Hello! Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now

Indeed we are

When you click download you can click the "No, just take me to the download" option

oh I'm sorry. Yeah, AFTER the cutscene you find him somewhere else. THEN you have to follow him.
Sorry for the confusion!
If you go to the merchant next to a checkpoint you can buy things to help you navigate the stage more easily

You gotta be fast, use the dash button to gain speed and try to get some hits when he's trying to jump off a wall

Hey, thanks for the feedback. We're always working to improve the game so we appreciate it

Sorry, but they're not in this version

Some ppl with AMD cards had a similar problem. If it's the case you might want to check this

Yes, only one stage so far (we're almost done with Stage 2) and you do keep your save

We're working with that goal in mind!

There's no final date

It's just someone who wants attention, sorry for the spam, just ignore it


If you have an AMD card you can try updating the drivers to fix the problem

Did you beat the stage again?


Yes it is

Are you a patreon or subscribestar supporter?

That's exclusive content to supporters. After finishing Stage 1 you can accept her quest

No, our plan is to keep updating the build to fix bugs and improve things, but new content will keep being exclusive for supporters

No problem!

Some supporters made a few tests regarding AMD drivers.

You might want to try downgrading it to version 22.6.1 (or 22.11.1 and 22.11.2) until we find a fix for it, but you have to do it at your own risk, we're not responsible for any problems you may find when trying such things. If you do try it, please comment on this post the result.

New content will be exclusive to supporters.

Thank you so much! It makes us really happy to see people enjoying the game!

Neither Esc nor Backspace worked?

You can share it here.
Let us know your PC specs and the error

Desculpe, mas não! :(
No momento só estamos gerando demos para apoiadores regulares. 

It'll be posted on Patreon and SubscribeStar as mentioned above.

oh boy 👀