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Yeah, we'd like to do that too

It's on the tunnel where you find Ratto.

Even if you leave mid game? Or just when you finish the demo? 

Thanks for reporting it, we'll check it out

Watch this

Next to the fourth checkpoint you'll find the merchant, you can buy the info there. It'll show you in the map where are the remaining Stones and Secret passages

Backspace or Esc on the Keyboard. B on the Xbox controller.

You can also press down until you reach the back option

We posted a new version a couple of days ago, have you tried that one?

Ok, we need two things. PC specs and a screenshot of the error

Everything's fine on our end. It may be itch itself. But either way, you can download the game even if you don't pay. You can play it and try making a donation later.

Sorry it still doesn't work. Where is it crashing?

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Don't give up!

Hello, thanks for the post! Yes, we're aware that some people are having this problem and we're looking into fixing it.

Thanks for the report, we'll check it out!

Hello! This content won't come to the free version. The free version will encompass Stage 1 only.

We'll make sure to improve the selection screen to avoid more confusion. Glad you got it

If you get the build from patreon, on the select screen, press UP, and select the arrows to change stages

Friendship, we asked to use her as a special cameo. They liked the idea and allowed us to.

Thanks! Glad you liked it

They'll have descriptions in the final game

Hello! What things are you talking about exactly? Everything on the changelog should be there

Lots of people have been having this problem, we're looking into it and we'll provide a new version soon

Hi, thanks for the reply. We're working on it, but the update will still take a few days to be completed

I'm sorry, but that's not possible right now :(

Yeah, we solved it now. Thanks for the heads up

Hey, that's a pretty cool idea! We'll definitely try it out

It was totally a mistake! Thanks for pointing it out! I meant to say August 20th

Thank you

Hello! Thank you for reaching out. We'll be checking this issue. But a fix may take a few days.


It may be too hard, right?
We'll add a no tree mode!

Hello! The game has been updated, have you tried it out?

Without exiting the game? The lewd scenes don't have a timeout, you have to press the jump button to finish it

Hello! Kincaid is not in the public demo

I'm sure you'll have no problem with it. Just keep studying and it will turn out fine!

Yes, we use godot

There is a chance that the gallery won't work properly, other than that you should be good. We're working on the gallery and will update the demo soon

I'd like to say it'll be out until the end of the year. But that's me being optimistic, we're a small team and the game has a lot of assets that take a long time to make.

It depends on how old it is

Thank you! We're working hard on enemies for stage 2