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Loving the changes and fixes, can't wait for more!

I really dig this and can see some great potential! I'm looking forward to seeing future versions.

There are a bunch small things that need to be worked on, bugs and QoL stuff, but I'm sure you've already got a lot of work ahead of you already.

Sorry for the late response, but the game run in browser so there's nothing to download. It's not much, just an early prototype.

Thanks, it's just something I threw together to test my skills and to allow me to say I've completed at least one game, lol.

Wow! Thanks so much! I love them!

Just another idea to throw out there. . . how about a zoo setting? That would give you the opportunity to add many different kind of animals (big cats, monkeys, etc) as well as different vegetation from around the world.

243052!! Beat that!

Wow! I guess I have to try harder. . . .

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A small request if/when you get around to making more characters, an alien. Something simple like a premade kid sized traditional green or grey. Or even better if you want to put in extra work, a whole set of alien-like pieces for the character builder.

Oh, and at some point, a bus?

Glad to hear things are improving but don't push yourself too much too quickly!

Take your time and recover properly. Would rather you take care of yourself.

This asset pack does include all three sizes, 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48.

I love the graffiti!

Hooray! Looks amazing, I can't wait to see all the good stuff to come! 

Wow, I can't wait!

So happy to hear, can't wait!

Awesome! Custom LimeZu Characters!

I still think the idea of "dress up" might make things so much easier for you.  Something similar to this.

I would love to see a  "dress up" system!


Beat that!