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Yooooooooooooooooo been following this on twitter for a long time and I am so stooooooooooooooooked!

"I really think that, if something touched you, or you like anything, you should tell the person responsible how much what they have done means to you. NO, REALLY TELL THEM GODDAMNIT!"

EIGTBO means a lot to me, and is probably the most artistic "videogame" I have ever played (interactive zine is a good desc BTW). I attended Day of the Devs, and for me and my buddy your game was the standout title of the whole event. I know I walked up and said "oh so it's like ... Pony Island but even more trippy". You probably didn't hear me within a minute say "oh ... it's not like pony island at all ... wow". I laughed a lot, I was also very upset about the truth and weight of the text, these things are not mutually exclusive. I am sorry all I could manage when I realized you were standing there (you are so quiet!) was "this is very impressive." I felt VERY uncomfortable about giving compliments in that context, and I think the subject matter of your title makes it even harder, because there is this feeling like "this game tells the truth about both the horror and the joy of living" and there is something about that experience that makes compliments seem banal and unwanted. I am willing to bet at least dozens of people felt uncomfortable telling you how much they appreciated the work at DotD because of how personal it was and how uninviting the space felt for actually speaking with the artist. I think that problem could be changed with a little more thought from organizers on spatial placement and also maybe some light physical cues in the booth (hand-waving here). Do you even WANT to talk to people about your work at an event this huge?

I am writing here to say it matters to me and I appreciate your work. It means a lot to me GODDAMNIT. If videogames don't become more like your vision for the medium I am going to have to stop playing them because they are devoid of humanity and "real" life is so completely overfull and bursting with experience and humanity, not all of it good. I got the message of hope BTW, I don't see your work as misanthropic and that's also VERY MEANINGFUL TO ME GODDAMNIT. Eff the haters, Everything is Going to Be OK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.