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Marvelous! Perfectly splendid! I wanted a development on our relationship with Little Star and I got it! Infinite thanks to you. This update (5.0 + 5.1) was beyond perfect! It left me very satisfied. I must ask though, is the soundtrack list complete? There's this one track I really liked. I don't know from which scene it is from, but I remember it had the "achievement sound" in it. I will try to find it and I will edit this comment once I do.

EDIT: ...I don't know where it is. Pls help T-T

Will we see a development in our relationship with our boi Asterion? Like, I dunno, from being friends to more than friends? Our boi deserves all the love he can get and I am sure we are all more than eager to give our love to him.

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I am not sure if this applies to all android users, but the background colors of the game are inverted! Interstingly enough, the CGs are still the same, but not all of them. If I recall correctly, the inverted color CGs are the opening CG and the chapter scenes. And I ADORE Madame Dora's sprite. Exactly how I envisioned her. Good job all in all.