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glad you enjoyed :) thanks for playing!

thanks for the jump scare warning!

Thank you for playing!


Yay little wizard!!! I loved the pixel art in this one. I can tell you thought about the character models!

Loved learning about making wine. Enjoyed your commentary on what wine means to you and people in general. My favorite part was crushing the grapes :)

thank you so much for playing and enjoying

Lol, I actually got the idea from reddit. I was browsing for ideas and someone had made a bottle and forgotten about it. I was like...they're lucky it didn't explode!

Thank you so much...I'm a big fan of your work <3

So beautiful! What a nice poem about working towards becoming.

mankind has gone too far...

at least got to smell it?

Thanks so much, Phil!!! I challenged myself to put together something this week without overthinking it, so I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you so much for sharing...and trust me I totally get it. Winter is really the worst time of year for me because it's so easy to fall into this habit of doing absolutely NOTHING and worrying about EVERYTHING. The creative projects I try to start during this season sometimes end up like the pine needle soda. Just forgotten so long that I don't even get to see it through to the end. I'm so thankful I could connect with another person through this little game I made.

never once

Thank you! This is my first try at a short visual novel :)

beautiful! exactly what i want out of a bitsy game. thank you for making and sharing it :)

nom nom nom!

thanks so much for playing 🥰

He should have been more careful walking at night!

Thanks my baby

Which one was your fave tho

I award you with an octopus free baking award

Yay I'm so proud of you 💖

yay you win!

A great sci-fi interactive story. Loved the details of cleaning up and trying to escape the watchful eye of moustached man. Wonderful job with the pauses between text and clicks. The knock at the door was perfectly timed.

So happy you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Looveed the music and the drawing sections. Very cool way to tell a story.

Aw, thank you so much!

Thank you!!!


I love the style of this, how it feels like clicking through a little info about a butterfly in a much bigger game. Beautifully done.

it's a whole vibe

beautifully written. spooky. loved the use of color. i gotta go do the dishes.

Amazing work! Love the jamz.

haha, for real!

omg! Thanks for playing on your channel!

So cute!