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I love the style of this, how it feels like clicking through a little info about a butterfly in a much bigger game. Beautifully done.

it's a whole vibe

beautifully written. spooky. loved the use of color. i gotta go do the dishes.

Amazing work! Love the jamz.

haha, for real!

omg! Thanks for playing on your channel!

So cute!

Thank you for playing 🦆☺️

thanks for playing 🦆

Thanks so much! I always get excited when someone got both endings...even though obviously the nap is best :)

I feel that the pie is actually very important!!

Jokes aside-- very cute. Loved the quirkiness.

Good luck with the bad ending!

Haha, yes I wish I could ban that phrase in the workplace.

it might be...

it's nap time!! thanks so much for playing :)!

"Too much is bad for me, but one is pperrffecct" made me almost snort my tea out my nose.

Beautiful art, loved the simple message.

The life of an office duck isn't all what it's quacked up to be, hehehe! Thanks for playing and I'm so happy you liked it.

Thank you!!

Thanks so much for playing :)!! Glad you enjoyed it.

You must be a duck in a hurry to get it!

Aw yay! Yes, I'm in love with that style too.

My first attempt at horror, lol!

Glad you liked it!

Thank you :)!

Trippy! Love the concept and artwork a lot.

Made me laugh!

Thank you <3! So happy you liked it!

oh wow!! thank you so much for checking it out :)!!!! made my day


yay, so glad you liked it, bryce :)

Aw, thank you! That's what I was hoping for.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

thank you, husband! (and thanks for play testing lol)

I've finished my first game...ever! Just wanted to say thank you for Bitsy and this great community.