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Yea sorry XD, noticed now though

Will you add sounds soon?

EXPEL community · Created a new topic Link to download!eIFXmArL!6OJ90agPei_nezQOawyJisGfvj32j41OXma9_Tqvknk

Well I am still working on a car game that you get chased by the police when you break a law.  For how many subs... I had 2 videos up took them down because I changed my mind on what my youtube would be about so I used to have 34 and earned them in 2 weeks. But because I deleted them I now have 15. I can make the maps with the map editor to. But is there a way to delete the special objects like crates and trees?

Dude I have unity I can help! no payment needed! Also if there ever will be I probably would put it on youtube! So I am some what making a deal with you... get a campaign on game or zombies and I will show your game on youtube!

Why? it would definitely make the game bigger!

Add a campaign please!