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Muma Mejia

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Zed with another banger!

Had a blast playing this game lol. Please do check out my gameplay for a quick laugh.

This game was cool ash. My recording came out like crap though lol. All good

Got my 1 ending and called it a day. This game is scary ash

Got jumped scared so hard I switched accent

W Game. W Zed_Technician.

Interesting game lol. I lowkey enjoyed it.

This game is DEEP. 

This game was uncomfortably funny. I enjoyed it :)

Lixian...bro. This Game is CLEANN. Eugh!


Zed_Technician with another fire game :)

No commentary, but I can honestly say I really enjoyed this game

I honestly need a part 2 of this game

This game almost gave me nightmares lmao

Enjoyed the game sm, I'll replay it but with commentary this time 

I really enjoyed this game

Sadly this is no commentary. I really enjoyed the game though :)

This gameplay is from the early prototype. I'll be checking this newer version soon :)

I was not expecting that ending lol

Can't wait to check out directors cut :)

I really enjoy this game :)

This game has serious potential

Wish this game had more to it :(

I really enjoyed this game

This game honestly deserves a part 2
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What a game :)