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Great Management Game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If this game is not for 18+ audience, i can say it beats all of the other tycoon games on the playstore in term of depths and complexity. 

The tag "management" is what this game offers and pretty sure i'm really enjoying the management part. 

This game has an amazing character generator and you will never find the same character if you start over a new game (except for the main character related to the storyline). I'm trully impressed by the randomness of the "talents" it generate. 

What makes it interesting is, the awesome character panel on it. It almost cover everything you need on the management game. Especially the customization it offers, trully makes this an enjoyable management game. 

Every character has an attributes related to the game. Main attributes is Fitness, Beauty, Intelect, Charisma and Sex skill. Other supporting attributes is Potential, Fame, Happiness and Depravity. 

On the character panel also another tabs such as Info, Likes (information about character preferences related to the game), Skills, Train and Auto management. 

On the right window of character panel, it has another tab for direct management action, such as:

- Shooting a scene

- Interview

- Drugs addict related action

- Customization action (modify their appearances) 

- Hospital icon

- Fame related action

- Cheat mode (i like it very much) 

I'm soooo impressed by this game, this is why i took my time to write a comment on this. For me its a hidden gem i've been looking for. 

My sincere appreciation to pemb for such an amazing game. You are awesome! 

by the way, this is the first time i know about Godot Game Engine. i will find information about it later. 

Friday, Jan 27 2023

by mulosari

i think im getting addicted spanking the maid 🤪

Can't wait to play this game, nice update

whoa another great update, The Headmaster is the best 😍


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if i am not mistaken this is the error when checking the uniform policy rules

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Hooray new update....

This is a great game, the game size is 365 MB but the content and quality is on par with the 1G size game. 

No problem :)

Should be December 5th, don't know the exact time tho

One day till update... Yaay

Ahhh can't wait....

I am not really movie fans, but this game is really attractive to me. So i like a tycoon game, and Movie Business 2 really satisfy my tycoon desires.

This game interface might a bit lacking, but the depth of the game is so addictive. I really enjoy making a movie script and experiment with different motives to match with the actors. And the randomness of the result is what makes it so fun.

And the funny thing is the movie titles does not always match the real ones, sometimes i laughed at the movie generated by the AI

This is a great game, also i need to ask how do you use a scout talent?

I personally created account just to comment this game : The Headmaster

how i found this hidden game

So there always a time when you get bored even when you have a smartphone beside you all day, all of my games feel boring and i thought where is the game that can bring a spark? 

Then i remember having a web based hentai game many years ago and visit the site, i found another game on the site and downloaded the android version. After playing a couple of hours i get bored, this is not the game that catch my interest. Okay i will try find another game, especially with android version available. 

One day (no one was around, my work place is void of people) Ahh perfect... 

While staying vigilant, i use the computer. Using chrome incognito mode, i type the the keyword (kinda forgot what it was) 

Somehow i ended up at website, and i was surprised by the rich content on it. How the heck i never heard it before? 

So i searched erotic games with popular option, there is many lists. As i am an android user, i have to find a game that compatible with my device. 

And voila.... I saw The Headmaster

Ohhh this one is interesting i thought, it supports many platform. After reading some of the comments, i decided this is the game that i was looking for.. 

(So, if you play The Headmaster please leave a comment of your impression, it helps clueless person like me to make a decision) 

(now i know the website, i just waited work hour ended and go home right away) 

I picked my smartphone and type website and go straight to The Headmaster page. I look the file size.. Ohh 1.3 Giga this may took a while for my current 4G internet, i also need to clear some space as i have many games on my smartphone. 

So i deleted some games that i didn't play too often... then start downloading The Headmaster, surprisingly it only took 14 minutes. 

Install the game, and its ready

Start the game... Ohh there is a notice to use headphone (i ran to my room instantly, locked the door and put the headphone on) 

The intro animation catch my attention right away... This game must be good, and yesss it's true after i saw the first scene. This is it... 

The images are really good, the scenes are awesome. I laughed so hard after watching our mc nightmare scene (never knew you can make a comedic scene out of erotic games, it really impress me). 

I won't talking about spoilers, because it will ruin new players experience. But believe me, look carefully there always hints for what to do for your quest. 

To be honest, i spent many hours to solve the 50 cap discipline, and it worth the effort. Especially after finishing "Rachel" quest line, she was my favorite character, the images are mind blowing. 

You will not dissapointed playing The Headmaster, this is a serious work judging by the quality of the images. Even i was interested by the software mentioned by @altosandherdone to make this good quality images. 

Have you watched the dance scene? It's also well made right? 

Also this game icon is quite funny and misleading, beware folks.. this is the true adult game for 18+ (maybe @altosandherdone designed this icon to make it less suspicious on your smartphone lols) 

Thank you for creating such a great game, especially when i knew new update are coming. 

Dear readers, as i am playing this game with free option. The only thing i can show my support is to leave my impression of this game on the comment section. And i am honored to dedicate my first ever comment on website to The Headmaster. 

Thank You @altosandherdone

Friday, Nov 6 2020