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A member registered Aug 10, 2019

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Loved this game! Congrats!!! :D

This game exploits Godot's 2D power very well.

Such an amazing and beautiful game! Congratulations!

Why japanese people are so creative? This game looks pretty! Congratulations!

I found another bug... It seems that an unnamed scene is trying to be loaded when you click on Retry after dying in the second stage

It's fixed now... Very beautiful and amazing game! Congratulations!!!

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I'm using Windows 10 (1803).

I can't tell if it happens everytime because once you jump the character flies out and you can't jump again... It seems like a simple boolean issue...

I tested the update! Just loved it! Congratulations! ;)

The main character is flying forever when you jump!

Also, very beautiful and amazing game! Congrats!

Created an account just to comment here that your game is AWESOME! Congratulations! :)