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cant play anymore=[

whoah, black on brown? [text]

fun, but wish the game was more forgiving, one second youre having fun the next youre dead cause god kills 138 people per second because you didnt feed him enough people 

needs balance, its not quite playable, but I would love to.

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magnet doesnt work for me after then update =[

for some reason text covers up the third upgrade for guns, efficiency and I cant click it.

but neat game, and I especially like the balance. towards the end selling all the goo towers for leaf ones, then at the very end all guns and imminent death

woohoo defeated insane level, what a cute little game

can you take away things that require a keyboard, no need. #tabletpeoplearepeopletoo 

simple pero si lo disfrute. buen esqueleto como dices. solo quiero comentar que gastando el dinero no sirve. compre cosas y no me quito lo que costaba. tambien no sirve comprar manzanas.

does this game work? I dont think anything fixes or Im experiencing major malfunctions because I cant get a game to last a minute

Towers vs Aliens community · Created a new topic -___-

press spacebar to begin -__________-


i immediately knew this was from the makers of netcrawler, only thing is i hate using my keyboard, maybe adding some arrows on screen or clicking the squares, idk, or i could get a new wireless keyb oard, but, hmm

did this just get "updated"? -_-

whenever a new tower comes into range they start aiming at the new one. for the fast snakes they end up not shooting at all

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so the towers seem to take about 4 score 7 years to aim and aim time isnt upgradeable. too many lines covered? am i being too strategical and efficient?   on a lighter note, the map is great, never seen that before.