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stephen hillenburg died two years ago

what is this song i cannot find it anywhere


i really like the blood physics and how it splatters on the wall on the indoor map, not to sound psychotic

maybe you're using a display that's too small/large. 

the unturned sounds got me rock hard so i guess it aint that bad

there should be an option to turn off the music

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here's his twitter btw ))


I am unstoppable.

why is the window label "savage garden" though

why all the dislike bombing in the comments

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how do i run the game? can't find a .exe file anywhere

ah, nevermind. i'm on the desktop application

nice naming lol

i found a glitch. if you aim at an enemy with the rockets and it starts beeping, and you die, then the beep goes on even after death. it's really annoying tbh please fix

go into task manager, and click "goosedesktop (32 bit)" if you don't find it, just keep looking. it'll be there somewhere. in the bottom right hand corner of the task manager window, you'll see a little button that says "end task" if you do end task, it eliminates the goose from existance... for now.