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The gameplay is honestly funny, but the whole thing was terrifying!

Nice game, though I did cheese a checkpoint (I could have solved it normally) and then felt that I had to cheese the final checkpoint.

Just to make sure, Magma is about dealing self-inflicted damage that turn back onto the enemy? I just need to know that was the intended purpose. Great mod, btw!

Also, Everscorch shows (#burning) text instead of any symbols.

I knew what I was doing because I watched his YT video on the game before playing, but I 100% wouldn't have known what to do otherwise.

If that's the case then the two of you are probably missing some redistributable files/drivers. Have you guys tried installing these: (download the first x86 and x64 links and install them both)

Being on the latest version of Windows won't help you if you don't even have a capable machine in the first place. You should have a look at what your specs are. You don't need a gaming PC to play this but having decent specs should be enough.