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Thanks! From what i checked it can handle it quite well dipping not below 55FPS when scaling down the resolution scale at 80% (solid 60FPS at 75%) and the ultra anti aliasing does wonders. Over all a pleasent experience :)

Hi there, this looks interesting. But here and on F95 and any google search of this Game did not really enlighten me if this is in UE5 or the newest Unity engine or what ever? I am at the point where i have to ask every next-gen graphics game if my Nvidia 1600 Ti is still viable to handle the game or if i have to get rich first to play the game? Because 300~450$ is still a lotfor me to cough up for a 3060 and/or AMDs equivalent...

Thank you so much! It worked! It is convenient! And it didn't take long to register! Thank you :)

I gladly would like to take your offer, though i have to admit that the reason of purchasing it on steam directly was of limits since steam now region-locks certain games... especially hentai-games in germany!

How am i going to get pearls to buy the Premium skins? Am i being excluded from the store because i didn't buy the steam version?

So you are telling me we get to play the game in the middle of August this year? that is almost great :)

Bought and played the  2.5.0 update and i like what i was able to play and achieve, untill the re(ee~)boot because i forgot to get a place for my own... -is/will there be something like a walkthrough or charakter(dating) guide for this game? Because sometimes i like to know what i'm doing and avoid repetitive grind.

The Art has improved, the UI is much more clean and crisp. But i hate that the game-mechanic is still to RNG-based, your random selection of fruit is aweful! Could you please reconsider making that part of game progression somewhat less frustrating? Maybe give the player access to all fruit typs, but in limited quantitys? Otherwise solid demo, gonna keep my eyes on this one.

Happy to read of this progress :) do we get access to V0.4.1 here on, too?

Gotta second that, though i am bit angry against the killer crows, that are of equal threat to you as they are annoying. You might wanna over think your three hearts = gameover criteria. Either balance power scale towards easy beginnings, or find  a way to give a little bit of handholding befor the actual fighting/grinding begins, if you need the feel of threat and dispair, that is...

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I like the new game trailer! :)
Though i have to ask: will episode one enable us to meet and court all 9 female Characters that are shown to us near the and of the traler? Are there more planned?

glad to be wrong on this one. it is here, yes, finally! But i guess the trend will be always a ten to 14 days delay from it's official patreon release... oh~well.

yup from what i gathered the trend goes follows: Update on patreon, then a week or two later it is on but i'm just happy we got the new update earlier than i predicted :)

i am so happy and sad at the same time. 0.2.5 is out on patreon and will probably arrive approximatly 14 days later here on ... sigh, i forgot that there is this "patreon first" thing developers have to do to secure funds...

compering 7b's Elf oral scene with the new live 2D looks a bit like a down grade, i think :(  ~mostly because i miss the moneyshot picture at the end of the BJ...

May i ask how and when does the new Quest "the Forest Cove" open up or activate? I've been playing through the rest of the game already. the new stamina point system is something to get used to, personally i found the simple one befor more empowering, but thats just personal taste. all the other changes are bangers! :)

Quick question? Why is the Brunette-Nun called brunette? Her Art strikes me as raven-haired or even Black. Any long ongoing running inside joke i missed?