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hey, I really like this game so much. I have a suggestion for this game:

2 players split screen

replay system, after finished the race

photo mode feature in pause menu

car customization just like in Rush 2

more cars:

Compact (already have in the game)

Sedan (already have in the game)

Exotic (already have in the game)

Cruiser (already have in the game)



Bandit (already have in the game)

Muscle Car




Hotrod (already have in the game)

Stallion (already have in the game)





Formula (already have in the game)

Coupe (Supra)

Subcompact (beetle)


thank you.

This game made by Indonesian developer from West Java. I'm from Indonesia too.

good racing game. reminds me of NFS Underground.

hello, CyberTimon. why is this game have Shrek car from Shrek series by DreamWorks? that Shrek car was supposed to be a special car.

Eu gosto deste HUD e pele. Eu não falo espanhol.

yes, that character is from Yandere Simulator, Cirno mode easter egg.

You can also view the cirno mode in Yandere Simulator:

Remake version of the game:

I swear, this bad/worst racing game is getting popular, and this game is hard. the cpu car beats player, and the player is lose/defeated.

is this game have Android support?

this game is bad, creepy, spooky.

worst game ever

Why this game is so popular? this game is hard.

no. there's no 32bit version. are you using 32bit computer?

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this is my favorite racing game. my favorite character is Cirno. cool and cute touhou anime characters. this game has 2 tracks. please, add more tracks?

the car models used in this game: DRIVE: Low Poly Cars

Download language has English language but the game is in Indonesian. How I'm gonna change the language to English??? I'm from Indonesia XD

Coming Soon:

New maps (Mansion, San Francisco, Hospital, School, City, Forest, House, etc.).

New yandere enemies, like Sakura (Student Council), Ishihara (Nurse), etc.

that's a good 15 low poly cars. but 1 car is missing.

please, add a multiplayer? this game is great. just like Java and GBA games.

this game just like Ace Gangster Taxi in Flash games. I can work as a taxi (cab). can racing with anyone. 2 Cars to choose in Car Shop. and other cars will be added in future update. Thank you.

the car in the game is Lamborghini Countach


please add a multiplayer

song name in this game?

This game is very good. Just like arcade racing games.

This is very good game.

- Geometry Dash Music

- Mario Kart Countdown Sound

5 Cars in this game:

1. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

2. 1965 Ford Mustang GT

3. 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

4. 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

5. 1969 Police Chevrolet Camaro

2 Cars in this game:

1. Ford Focus RS

2. Ford Shelby GT350R

Can you add a more cars, please?