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Thanks for the feedback! 

I've thought about expanding this program at various points, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go down that rabbit hole.  But I think that hole's time has come, and I might finally come back to this project and add some new features.  If you have any ideas/details that you think would be good, please do message me with them or post them here.  I'll try to incorporate them into my brainstorming and planning for the next version.  It will probably be a few months before anything concrete comes of it?  But yeah, let me know. Thanks!    

Hi Mr SpaghettiLord, just to close out the thread I think I have fixed all the main issues that you found in testing.  Thank you very much for the detailed bug reports and help in making the program better.

Thanks Man!  (or mouse)    :D

Thanks Boss!

Offhand I'm not sure what might be causing the bug.  Let me see if I can duplicate the problem on my machine.  Could you link me to the input and shard images you are using?  Also, what OS and resolution?  Also, just to make sure I understand, you are seeing some shards in the output image and then then the "?" shards start showing up. Is that correct?