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Feedback  about the JAM overall is highly appreciated. (i.e. groups, workflow, organization, time limit, theming)

  • Feedback / reviews about games should be on their game pages
  • anything else is fair game to comment about here

love the different combinations. by the way one of the characters looks familiar... does the artist know of "bigtop burger"?

I am uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio today. 10/10

I feel like I have ascended the mortal plane. I have become one with the sublime. I see all, feel all. With this work, I have achieved enlightenment. I am the sublime. All of us are one body, one mind. One soul. We are the sublime. 

very cute, short little game :)

YO I was in the same course as you guys, I'm so happy for you! It's insane how much attention your game has gotten!!! IT'S SO CRAZY

The production value is very nice. Actually very scary. 12/10 voice acting, pants thoroughly soiled. Stained. 

The colors are so vibrant. The mechanics were very nice. Loved the little invert wooooOOo~

Very good, I get to "scare" kids 10/10. The council™ agrees.

Very nice. We as a collective enjoyed it. The council™ approves. 

Very nice. We as a collective enjoyed it. The council™ approves. 

I saw your face bank design on Temu (T-T)... idk what to say

Face Bank Intelligent Electric Detecting Piggy Bank

same - very comedic

very cute and cool, but after day 8, I stopped playing since it was pretty repetative. Maybe there could be a calendar so I can kind-of see a record of my past days? and a shop so I can spend the money?

T-T it is very difficult because there is no savepoints, or at least reset of the current room

No sound?

loved the game! creepy, atmospheric, short but fun!

also if you stand in the spot to sacrifice the churchgoers, and hit space again, the sacrifice animation will repeat. And for some reason the main menu button doesn't work? and I'm not sure if the top left churchgoer is supposed to say "There's no reason to go upstairs" but that's what they say.

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found a bug where after the church I walked around for a bit, as wasn't quite sure where to go next, and then walked back in and the people were there, but the pastor wasn't.

"how are your cats?"

"good, I grew them myself"

This was such a fun and cute game!!! I am still stuck trying to get one of the endings, but I was able to (somehow) find the rest! I love how each scenario is slightly different and there is different dialogue if you did something different in the beginning, and it really makes each character seem so real and unique!

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I really liked this game, it has such a cool concept and was very fun to play! 

very neat game that really emphasizes how to make passwords stronger! I will definitely be applying this to my own passwords so they won't be uncovered in just a few months, a quadrillion years is my goal!!

this was my password at the end lol:


it is so cute and definitely cozy!

this cured my OCD <3

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Very cute! Gives me motivation to do stuff today~

screenshot of waffles
the game: make waffles! me: ok the game: STOP THAT'S ENOUGH--
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This was a really cute game <3

this makes me deeply uncomfortable... but I still played it twice...

Wow this was so cool! It took a bit to figure out how to use things and what to do, but once I got into the swing of it, I really enjoyed it! It's a lot of strategy and you have to figure out what the best move is. I died the second time doing the wolf constellation though, haha!

You can really see the amount of effort and work put into this, especially in the character's weaknesses and strengths, and then once you survive you can save one of them to keep?!!?! That's such a cool aspect that really takes the cake.

Love it! I'll try again some other time to beat the hard constellations!

really cool short game! I got both endings haha