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New update, new secrets to discover! it has been very interesting

The design of the characters and the environment has been magnificent! The game has been fun to play

(The only bad thing were the copyrighted songs haha)

2 stars and 4 endings.

I was glad to know that the game has had a sequel. The man from the window will continue his curse on this family later?

The game was short but the puzzles were fun!. 1 week has been enough to create this great game, good job!

The new update was a spectacular big change to the game. New mysteries arise and theories are born. Hype for 2023!

Very strange but at the same time very fun to play!, good job!!

The new ending has been very interesting! The history of the game is now much clearer, especially what this "animal" really is. Good job!

The game is pretty well done! the story and mechanics make it fun to play. I honestly feel that The vermander's curse is closely related to this game. Good job!

The game has been fun to play! The scenarios and games are very well designed. SAW has been an excellent inspiration for this creation, Good job!

It's a short game but it has a quite striking mystery and the visual art is very well done. Good job!

The game is impressive, it has a mechanic that you don't see in many games. It was a short game but the experience was excellent. Good job!

Excellent design of the game, the environment and the characters!. The game is short but it has been fun to play. good job!

This game has quite an interesting and mysterious story. It has been an excellent experience playing it, good job!

Excellent horror game and very good reference to disturbia. Good job!

The game is short but the graphics are good and the gameplay is easy to understand. The jumpscares in this game are brutal haha. Good job!

[Starts at 04:01]

The game is short but very well done! It has a quite dark environment and a jumpscare that takes your soul out haha. Good job!

Secretos adicionales de la última actualización!

[Starts at 04:46]

The game is very well done! It has a scary mystery and the story is very interesting as we progress through the game. Good job!

[Starts at 00:11]

This game is short but has wonderful graphics!. The terror generated by the darkness, the sounds and sometimes even the silence are very well done. Good job!.

The game has been quite fun to play. It's a game series that I really enjoy to play haha. Good job!

Todo lo nuevo de la última actualización 1.3!

It was worth the wait, the new update is wonderful! new tape, new mysteries and possible secrets. The recording they have made was very good. Good job!!

This game has been a wonderful experience! The mechanics are very well explained and challenging. The history of the game has been quite interesting. Good job!!

The game is amazing! The terror, the mystery and the story make it fun to play, in addition to the very well done graphics. Good job!!

A demo quite interesting and terrifying at the same time!. I'm exciting to seeing a full version. Good job!

The atmosphere in this game is well done, it makes you feel tense! I had played the demo before and this complete game has been enjoyed. Good job!

Explicación de juego y finales!.

PD: The game is very interesting to play. At the beginning it seems cute but when you advance in the game it becomes terrifying!. Good job!

The game has quite an interesting plot. The experience has been very terrifying to play and that has been fun. Good job!

A short game but very good to play!. Few sci-fi games are currently coming out and this one has been great. Good job!

The game is short but quite interesting to play and spooky!. Good job

[Starts at 04:22] [4 endings]

It has been interesting to play!. The game is quite simple to play and has achieved a few minutes of entertainment. Good job!

A fun game to play just like your previous shrek game. Shrek is love haha Good job!

Excellent inspiration from Friday the 13th to make this game! It has been a very good experience playing this game. Good job!

Excellent game about the backrooms!. It was pretty terrifying and very well done. Good job!

I'm impressed that you made this game so quickly after the second game. This third game is great, Good job!

Explicación + todos los finales!.

Pd: It's been a great mystery game to play, good job :D

This second game was just as excellent as the first. New situation that warrants the presence of the poop killer haha, good job!

The psychological terror in this game resembles that of silent hill!. It's very well done, good job!