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Yep I understand that the game will play a certain way with hand as health and that creates the tension in the game.

Some random thoughts I had about additional content:

Junk cards you can add to your opponents deck or they can add to yours.

I like the themes of the different opponents.  I think with the exception of shields there's not a lot of cards that get better if you have more of them (I'm thinking of Shield Bash and the spike shield card).  Perhaps these two things can be combined in some way.  For example if you drafted several rogue themed cards they got stronger.  Or just other cards that get better if you have more of them in your deck.

Leveling up cards was mentioned which I think is a good idea to explore.  I also like the idea of leveling up your hero with some passive abilities as you advance.  Similarly you could create a few different heroes that start with an ability of some kind that players could try to build a deck around.

After playing for a few hours it seemed like there were a handful of cards with interesting effects but due to the nature of the game (hand as health and small integers) the game was over too quickly for them to have a big impact.  It felt like advancing in the game was reduced to playing cards with immediate effects on the board and so those more interesting cards were almost locked away because you died the turn after you played them.

This game is ridiculously fun.  I think there's a lot of potential here.  I echo pretty much everything that was said here especially point 5 and the other post about multiples of the same card effects not stacking.  Also one of the cards didn't seem to work like I expected, "something happens when the opponent gains AP".  I thought the effect would trigger at the start of my opponent's turn and any other time he gained AP but it didn't seem to work.

I think the randomness needs to be blunted a little.  Losing to the first opponent of a run due to a series of unlucky draws is a little annoying.  Likewise starting over after getting to the final boss because a freak lightning bolt destroyed four cards doesn't feel good.  Perhaps some kind of check point that you respawn at if you reach a certain point.

I also think the matches are typically over too quickly or maybe they're just really swingy.  It's like there's no volleying just a series of aces and it starts to feel like multiplayer solitaire (well single player multiplayer solitaire).  I think that's partially due to randomness and partially due to the low health totals.  There's no feeling of whittling down a tough opponent when a lot of single cards could win you the game on any given turn.  There's no feeling of building a cool card engine because the match is over long before that.

Lastly, I agree that there needs to be a mechanic to cull cards from your deck between matches.  Maybe the option to cull a card in lieu of gaining one or something similar.

Is there no way to save the game?  I was about midway through the first game when I took a break, came back and I was at the beginning again.

How the heck do you beat what I assume is the final boss(es)?  I thought I killed four or five of them but they kept coming.  Lowering the difficulty didn't make any difference.  They just keep pushing me back until I eventually fall off the edge.

Computer crashed and I seemed to have lost my game.  Any way to recover the old save file?

Couldn't get past Day 4.  Game froze everytime.

No this was with the downloaded version.

Clam Man 2: Open Mic community · Created a new topic Loop

Got stuck in an endless loop with Pete after I failed to pick the door lock, kick it down, or knock.  Liked what I saw so far though.