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Ah I see! The angle would change a bit, yep. Ok, now this is on my backlog! I'm glad you like the packs, I've a long list of them to be released this year :)

Ok, noted! I have planned in the future a full vehicle pack, with tons of them, also animated.

What are exactly your needs related to the vehicles: more variety (trucks, motorcycles, etc)? Or just color changes?

Btw, I think is easy to flip the vehicle in your engine, tilesets usually tries to optimize the possibilities to avoid filling spritesheets with repeated assets. Try it and let me know if flipping them works for you :)

Thanks for the kind words and interest!

I enjoyed this game so SO much. I'm the kind of player that looks for new and weird experiences in games. Well, this is one of those... Love the characters' design, the art direction and the sfx work. It was wonderful, keep making games!

Enjoyed it a lot although I died also A LOT :) Love the art and the 3D feeling with such a nice low res render. And the control of the plane is sweet. Good job!

Mmm That's weird! I think itchio tech support  could solve that problem. 

Or maybe your credit card is being checked by your bank. Banks from time to time check online shopping processes for security reasons. Happened to me and a call solved it.

I hope it gets solved. Good luck!

Hi! I'm so glad you like it :) And yes, more packs are coming!
Next: A House Interiors Tileset Pack ;) 

Hi! Yes, I'm working on an extension of this pack that will be added for free and also on a brand new pack with interiors for this city ;)

You can check the work in progress of some of these packs in my twitch:

Thanks for your interest. Cheers!

Hi! I'm currently working on a character pack that will fit perfectly with these environments :) I plan to share a substantial part of it for free (a full animated character). Thanks for your comment!

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Hi, Itchio community!

I'm Mucho Pixels, a videogame art director from Spain.  I've released my very first tileset pack on Itchio and I'm excited to finally share it with you. I hope you find these assets useful for your own projects! I'm celebrating its release with a special offer: 50% OFF until September 14!

City Street Tileset Pack ->

City Street Tileset Pack by MuchoPixels

With this pack you can create your custom pixel art city environments. I've created a lot of different scenes using it and, believe me, the possibilities are endless! All is arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid, including backgrounds, buildings, doors, windows, vegetation, props, shadows... All you need to build your own city!

This tileset pack is perfectly suited to develop games with a cinematic platformer / action platformer / point-and-click / graphic adventure / story driven by exploration / puzzle-solving and/or beat-em-up gameplay.

Also, this pack is part of my BLUE pack series. All my blue packs are compatible with each other, so you can mix  them to create even more unique locations. A long list of BLUE packs are already in the works.

That's all, guys! I'm happy to finally be part of this awesome community :)


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)