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How to save the game on android?

How do i make abigail drink the N.E.P.Y, i've managed to produce all 3 "drugs" but i can't seem to progress abigail's storyline.... And is there anything i can do with the shopkeeper? Thank you

Thank you so much finally i've been waiting hahaha

Is the android version of day 2 available?

thank you so much

Does anyone know where is "sublevel one" please help

im on android, the mega download is just stuck on 40% and i can assure you that i have an excessive amount of storage still left, what's the problem? Please help

I've downloaded it on android but when i open the game it says an error has occured, what's wrong??? Pls help

For extra details, the last thing i need to do with ivy was something like "make our own little family reunion" but i can't figure out how to trigger that..... And the last thing i did with scarlet was just lick her out after training my archery aim but i can't figure out how to do anything else

I've finished all the village girl's story but i can't figure out how to unlock ivy's last scene, and the 2nd and 3rd scene for scarlet.... Pls help );