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I would love to see what you do for a Mesoamerican theme. Expanding the fantasy and space themes are something I'd throw money at, too!

Stunning. You've a gift!

I can't wait to see the final product! I hope you'll consider making those tiles available one day; maybe after you've finished developing your own Ultima-like. Which, incidentally, I will also happily buy!

We need to marry these incredible assets to an environmental tileset... which I hope to pay you for one day!

Your work is an insta-buy for me. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry here. Fantastic work.

"You'll not be taking the Jewel of Glorp from ME, sir!" *punch punch

Oh my goodness the Brawler. This is magical.

OH my goodness. PLEASE don't stop making these.

This is so beautiful.

Bought. You have a gift. Truly.

I love these so much.

I love what you're doing so much.

These are beautiful.

I see these are billed specifically for Godot but would the graphics style still be useful in other engines like Game Maker? Beautiful beautiful assets!

Thank you for an amazing tileset! I tweaked one of the borders for printing onto paper. Your work is excellent, I hope to see more in the future.
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Hey Ciao, I am looking forward to using this in a couple little ideas I have, I had a question regarding use, I hope I phrase this correctly: would it be alright to use, for example, one of the resource icons as part of a printable sheet of paper full of similar resource icons, i.e. as part of a boardgame as opposed to a digital game? Such great pixel art!

*old timey voice* - "I'll buy that for a dollar!" *does*

These are beautiful. Don't stop. Keep going.


I purchased Pixatool a few months back and have been loving it, thank you so much. I'd like the 1-bit tileset you're currently including in a bundle with it, but don't want to purchase Pixatool twice. Is it possible to offer the 1-bit assets separately? I'm happy to pay for them. Very excited for your work in 2021!

I'm 66% satisfied!

Please don't stop. These are all so good! Thank you for making your tileset freely available. My preview coloring book is posted, totally free along with the remixed tilesets. Be well, Traveller.

I'm making a coloring book and activity set. I'll be making the altered tileset CC0 once I'm done with it. All the comics and coloring pages I make will be free too. Keeps my hands busy. I hope you enjoy them.