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actually, ame is the illustrator and one of the writers but the publisher is fervent. It's the one on the top, the name's Cupid -  Visual Novel.

Here's the link :))
CUPID - Visual Novel by FERVENT (

It's not exactly a game that focuses much on romance, I mean not the romance that human beings know of-- it's just another level of romance, can't describe it clearly coz' the plot is so crazy (in a good way) ahedjfhuaef '-'

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I'm not really sure about this but I think it's the saves log (or smthg like that, I don't know how to call it exactly haha). I mean, did you delete the first version you've been playing then downloaded the updated zip version? 

 actually, wait, do you use desktop or cp? >> 

 I also think that if the saves log is the problem, with it all gone, I'm afraid it can't be retrieved. 

I'm only speaking base on my theory and small knowledge about exported game files, so I don't know if this will really be of help.

Save Folder

the folder for saves should contain smthg like this, if it's empty then yey everything is screwed '-' hope that you'll soon retrieve the files if it was only a bug :))

[to see the folder I attached as an image just right-click the andromeda six shortcut then tap locate game files after that go through the games folder and you'll see the saves folder (ofc click it to see the content lolll).]

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uh hiii, can I ask how to get Rafael's route? I just started and am currently at Braums' route, but it bugs me that I can't choose Rafael's at the part where you'll choose the route at first. I'm about to die in anxiety '-' whasudguswa jk. Should I finish the 2 routes first before getting his? or smthg like that? 

edit: oh gosh, I just read the comments on how to get Rafael's route, and sorry for bothering you shuwiefh, man I just realized that I should use my eyes more than my, uh, hands (it'd be much weirder if I typed mouth when I'm only typing using my hands so yeh excuse me '-').

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well, I downloaded lots of them. can't really find another like ebon light but I can still list down some VN that I consider good.

This ain't a ranking, just gonna put numbers before them to make it look organized.

1. Cupid
CUPID - Visual Novel by FERVENT (

2. Perfumare (ongoing)
Perfumare by PDRRook (

3. Andromeda Six (ongoing)
Andromeda Six by Wanderlust Games (

4. Dark Nights
Dark Nights by pinlin (

5. Lake of Voices
Lake Of Voices by GBPatch (

6. Our Life
Our Life: Beginnings & Always by GBPatch (

7. Tailor Tales
Tailor Tales by Celianna (

8. My Candy Love (online, browser or mobile.)
My Candy Love, a game of love and flirting for girls!

9. Cinderella Phenomenon
Cinderella Phenomenon by Dicesuki (

10. Enamored Risks
Enamored Risks by Crystal Game Works (

11. Missed Messages (I really like the art in this game, sad that it's too short.)
missed messages. by Angela He (

welp, these are about everything I found interesting (it's like 12am in my place so my brain cells already abandoned me and my poor soul so I'm not sure if these are all the VN that I found interesting HAHHAHA still, all VNs are great, efforts are poured in them so there's no such VN that deserves to be called as "really really really bad" some just stands out too much that they became too big for the small ones to handle). Anyways, Imma still drop some screenshots of the VNs I downloaded if you're still interested, I haven't played some of the VNs at the picture I dropped btw, so it's for you to judge if it's good or nah hahaha.

so yeah, I had fun playing these games, but just as I said in my previous comment, I really can't find something like Ebon Light that my eyes and mind kept searching for. I really love that game and will remain one of the greatest VNs I played.

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geez, been playing lots of VN this quarantine and this one really stand out. Like this game set a new bar to my standard-- Although I still have Ameliori as my top, this game is definitely my second-best VN. I already downloaded like 30+ other VNs this month and played this first, so I srsly started searching for something as good as this one, even started skipping other VN that doesn't catch my attention as much as this one did TvT. VNs are great, and I'm sorry for the skipped ones.

just that, this is really good, I'm glad the makers of this game exist and I DEFINITELY LOVE THE ART. even the story. this is a standard-setter and so good that it's hard to find another one that'll satisfy you after playing this game.