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Sweet, i'm so excited! I'd love for the game to come out by the end of the year but make sure you're all taking care of yourselves, that's the most important part! :)

I can't wait for the full release, the game looks beautiful! I hope you're doing well despite the pandemic. :)

Hello! I understand this is a sequel to "The Rose of Segunda," but do you need to play that to understand the events within this one? :)

Hi, I was wondering if this game was still in the progress of being created? It looks absolutely beautiful, I hope it's still being worked on

Hey (: I don't know if you remember me, but two years ago I commented on the original game. I talked about how much I cared for Randall and how much I loved his character, and you explained to me why you made the game. I just wanted to let you know I'm still here, and i'm still so, so excited for director's cut to come out. This is my favorite game by far, so i'll wait as long as it takes. I'm so, so excited (: You said you were doing better now, so i'm hoping that's still continuing. Good luck with the game <3

All right, thank you!

Hi, question for anyone who knows; Is this game done? It says it's in development still but i'm confused with some of the answers i've seen.

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This game is unbelievably amazing. The artwork is gorgeous and the stories of each character are so detailed and beautiful. I have a request I think many of us are thinking about, though; Could you maybe add routes/create another game for Chain, Kaichi, Roya, Blace, Jace, and Lioji? They are all wonderful characters and I would really like to play their routes. Please think about it, as I am sure many of us feel the same. But, that is a *lot* of characters to make routes for, so I understand if it would be a tough decision to make. 

But anyway, the artwork is beautiful. I commend you for creating such a unique story line, and I look forward to your future works.

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I don't normally pay for games, just because I don't really have much to spend, but I am honestly thinking about buying this game just because of the good quality. I love it, and I look forward to its full release.

Question; Is the entire game finished, or are there more chapters to be made?

Alright, thank you. I didn't want to waste my money on a game that isn't finished.

So I'm sort of confused; Is this game finished yet? Like, this part of the game. Because I would play the game as long as this part was finished, seeing as I already know I want to do Hayato's route. So, if I bought this and played it would I get the full story and then go onto Hayato's route?

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Hi! I've been playing for a while, and after I went through the middle mirror in the ballroom and went into the little room with the presents and hanging pumpkin decorations it says I don't have one of the audio files. Audio/SE/abrir macenta velha

EDIT: It seems I don't have quite a few of the music files, so I had to download the game again then add the files to the original. It's kind of annoying because I'm trying to record a video and whenever I get the message, it cuts off my video early, and I don't have a good editing software to thread the clips together, so I either have to restart or just make shorter parts. Great game, though, it's beautiful!

I'm so glad that you're doing better. You're extremely talented, and it shows greatly in this game. Now that you're saying this that's probably why it's such a good game, because you based it off of something real. I'm happy you didn't end your life, and I'm greatly looking forward to playing the next game. I hope you continue getting better c:

(SPOILER) I started crying after I got the true end, I kept trying to go back to try and save Randall and I was so sad when I couldn't. I feel like he didn't deserve all of that. He went through so much and he was trying to do better after everything that had happened but then he ran out of his medicine, and when he tried to get more he couldn't and ended up going insane, and then when he finally realized what he was doing it was too late, and I just felt so awful. He didn't want to hurt them, he liked Tom, and killed him, he didn't want to kill her sister, he didn't want to kill anybody but he couldn't stop himself and in the end commit suicide, and it just hurts to think about it. He's definitely one of my favorite characters, if not THE favorite character in all of the games I've played, and trust me, I've played a lot. There was so much thought put into him and I'm so glad I found this game, It's amazing. 

*Hug* Haha, I love puns don't worry about it! I find the one you made pretty 

s w e e t

I'm so sorry

Thank you, i'm really excited! And don't worry about it, good games take a long time!

Hi! Do you have a  date for when you think the full game will be released?