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weird how this game exists within the universe of the game.

have you played return of the obre din? that’s somewhat similar, it shares the triple deduction feature

Personally 3 stars is 'average' to me, if you get 1 star then you did it really badly.

Interesting! i'm excited to see  how this works!

bugs out very easily and the sounds are annoying

The walls can be hard to see even when lit

story, it's in the story

I do not know what causes that

yes, and no prob

got a screen nuke that i could spam really early and never needed to change spells again, was fun tho

appearently someone put oil on the wheels and it just rained yesterday, cause this car is slipperier than soap

the buttons just....don't work half the time, it's really annoying.

you can beat the last level without using any of the special colored blocks, other then that it was very nice!

there are 5 birds if you count the word 'birds'

Scene tutorial over could not be loaded
the game wouldn't let me place anything down after the first tutorial robot and so i lost it, but it seems you forgot to make a scene for that.

I'm not sure that's actually how it works? the speed should be fixed

every time i started a level it drifted toward the bottom left, I didn't  know how to move the camera

the camera keeps getting more and more out of place

I definitely thought i was gonna be telling my friend where to shoot, this is a lot more creative

A good idea, but kinda complex for a gamejam game


should say line 1 then

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Couldn't figure out the  third level, but it seemed fun, sometimes the rockets refuse to fire though.

I was in the gun when it suddenly changed into the laser and then I was invincible 

So this is how the military captured squad....

where's the error?

Once again, never expected to see a sequel in a game jam

i'm 90% sure i saw bullets appear out of thin air

i was aware, it's just really annoying because I was right near the end of the first level  the second time it happened

I would like to see this expanded in the future, has a lot of potential

it's done better elsewhere, sorry to say, but randomness, is not very fun.

Tried to find the AI, could not, needs more hints to the solution very clearly, if nobody can figure out the answer, then it's too obscure

i mean that it's too random, the concept of the AI placing platforms was done much better elsewhere

the leave game button worked, but not new game

Would be more fun if you actually used the mouse, left click could be save, right click could be delete

Goomba keeps falling through the floor

Uhhh ok

i died before i could really play

-pyschonauts reference here-