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Gosh i love ButterToast would love to see more of him, good job!

I really liked this game and the 4th wall breaking. The concept is particularly interesting. Well done! ^^


Aww, this was such a sweet game :D

I loved reading this! It was great

Gosh, the art is so pretty, and the character interesting! 

I enjoyed this game, it was very cute :D

I really liked this game, it had a really unique feel to it :)

I really liked this game, it was nice to read :D

Finally I was able to sit down and play this game, along with Colorful's Spooky Edition, and I have to say that I love all of your games very dearly <3 I adored seeing the characters from the two games interacting with each other in this one.I am looking forward to your Otome Jam entry :) 

Omg, I love this game! I decided to give it try after playing Renting Love and also cause I wanted to play the April Fools Special, heh. I adore the characters, especially Eli and Landon. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the full game :)

I love the art in this game! Also the story is interesting and intriguing, I enjoyed it, good work! :) 

Cute and a little bit sad short game with a really nice artwork, good job :)

So far so good, the story is interesting, although it is really painful to watch Max separate herself from Kate so much 

Looking forward to the rest of the game! :)

I loved this game! It was so cute with an interesting characters and story! Good work :D 

Looking forward to it :)

Was really fun, I laughed out loud several times :D nice game 

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Found it while looking through finished jams, it was a really fun game :) Characters are likeable and the art is pretty. Really well done! 

Oh, and I also liked the puzzles! 

I liked it! It was short and cute, with amazing art and adorable characters :)

Liked it, it was a nice and touching conversation :) good job!

This game was very enjoyable! I liked the choices and the endings. It was fun, great job :D 

Omg, this game was wonderful! I really liked the characters, especially Sol and Dominic, and enjoyed the overall atmosphere, great job! :D

I loved the characters and the poly route! Gotta be one of my favorite games on this site :)

Really emotional, I even teared up a little bit while reading this, good job :)

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Short and very enjoyable :)

And also I like when games let me search through rubbish 10/10

A lovely conversation about nothing in particular, really liked it

This was quite nice and charming :)

Cute story :)

That was a really fun game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, especially the way the story progresses everytime a new game is being started :)

For a first visual novel it's quite nicely done! Although I think that it would be even better if the story was expanded a bit more, but other than that, good job :) 

Nice story, and the background art is really pretty!

Really educational!

enjoyed this cute and short game :D 

I loved the melancholic atmosphere of this game along with its beautiful art <3 

An enjoyable game with an interesting story and well written dialogue ^^

A cute short game <3

A lovely game with a sprinkle of hope at the end which was really enjoyable :) 

Really liked the inner monologue of the main character and the overall, kind of spooky atmosphere ^^