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got a laugh out of me, good job 

I really enjoyed it ^^ I loved the art!

they seem like they're fun at parties

I really liked it, it was short and sweet. An ending screen would be nice to avoid any confusion though

That was a really fun game. Nice atmosphere, art and little puzzles. I definitely dumped Joseph tho, Gerda deserves better. Great job!

Spoilers down below 

Welp, that ending certainly was a surprise. It felt like my heart was breaking during these final chapters. Am lowkey glad that Twyla (love her!) nearly killed the MC and the dance wasn't ruined for other characters heh. Overall, great game with catchy music, nice art and delicious twist.


Gosh i love ButterToast would love to see more of him, good job!

I really liked this game and the 4th wall breaking. The concept is particularly interesting. Well done! ^^


Aww, this was such a sweet game :D

I loved reading this! It was great

Gosh, the art is so pretty, and the character interesting! 

I enjoyed this game, it was very cute :D

I really liked this game, it had a really unique feel to it :)

I really liked this game, it was nice to read :D

Finally I was able to sit down and play this game, along with Colorful's Spooky Edition, and I have to say that I love all of your games very dearly <3 I adored seeing the characters from the two games interacting with each other in this one.I am looking forward to your Otome Jam entry :) 

Omg, I love this game! I decided to give it try after playing Renting Love and also cause I wanted to play the April Fools Special, heh. I adore the characters, especially Eli and Landon. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the full game :)

I love the art in this game! Also the story is interesting and intriguing, I enjoyed it, good work! :) 

Cute and a little bit sad short game with a really nice artwork, good job :)

So far so good, the story is interesting, although it is really painful to watch Max separate herself from Kate so much 

Looking forward to the rest of the game! :)

I loved this game! It was so cute with an interesting characters and story! Good work :D 

Looking forward to it :)

Was really fun, I laughed out loud several times :D nice game 

I liked it! It was short and cute, with amazing art and adorable characters :)

Liked it, it was a nice and touching conversation :) good job!

This game was very enjoyable! I liked the choices and the endings. It was fun, great job :D 

Omg, this game was wonderful! I really liked the characters, especially Sol and Dominic, and enjoyed the overall atmosphere, great job! :D

I loved the characters and the poly route! Gotta be one of my favorite games on this site :)

Really emotional, I even teared up a little bit while reading this, good job :)

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Short and very enjoyable :)

And also I like when games let me search through rubbish 10/10

A lovely conversation about nothing in particular, really liked it

This was quite nice and charming :)

Cute story :)

That was a really fun game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, especially the way the story progresses everytime a new game is being started :)

For a first visual novel it's quite nicely done! Although I think that it would be even better if the story was expanded a bit more, but other than that, good job :) 

Nice story, and the background art is really pretty!

Really educational!