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Very polished, nice job!

I'm not in the jam, but really nice mechanics!

Bro, you can play for free in your browser and/or throw a buck at us to download it in your machine, may it be Windows, Linux or Android. I can't see why it is "horrible".

Thanks! We only had a few hours to work in the level design. We recently heard a lot about the difficulty and were a bit sad, so we're really glad you find the level fun!

We're so happy you enjoyed the game <3
We plan to make the game better, and we'll certainly improve the gravity dash!

Amazing implementation. Congratulations!

Sad, but I'm happy that you found help in the end. This world is very harsh on all of us for no reason and not every one can cope with it. But be strong, you're very talented and I'm using your music in one of my games. I wish you all the best!

To be honest, I was shocked that a 3D was submitted! what were the features that didn't make it in time?

Bem bacana a ideia e os sons de tambores deram um senso de urgência que eu curti muito.

Then you better get the good ending! Thanks for playing!

We're very happy that you liked it!

Thank you very much for playing and giving us the feedback.

Thank you. I was really inspired by your work.