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This is really sweet! I love seeing people's experiences in AC. I can't/don't play, but it's really nice to see how helpful it was for so many during 2020, and I love to see how invested people get in it. It's like the characters aren't characters at all, but the little people that live inside your screen. It's really endearing and nice to see how so many people find comfort in this super chill game.

This is really nice! I daydream of being able to make one of these, it looks very helpful!

Hello this zine is super relatable and I'm sure trying to monetize has a lot to do with your hobby burnout! I've been advised many times not to turn at least one of my hobbies into a career, because it'll stop being fun and will start being work. And then...what do you do to get away from constant work, when everything you enjoyed is also work?

This is so nice, so sweet

This part:

"I recorded Rebecca sitting in a chair, lit by candlelight. Then I worked on that tape for hours. In the end I had this five or six minute piece where she just puts her hand down and turns her head. To this day it’s still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever made."

made me legit tear up a little. I absolutely love finding beauty in the simplest of things, the smallest of movements, especially in someone you care about, and I love how it was memorialized in art.

Aw this was sweet! I love the premise, and the colors! It was a neat way blend your hobbies into zines, and congrats on your first one!

This is lovely! And so, so relatable, why are cats like this

Oh wow! Have fun, I hope it goes well!

Thank you! I was afraid they would be confusing, lol