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This is one bad kitty, no amount of lasagna will keep his crazy down. Played three games, skip to the second to see the horrors of not listening to your cat.

Why must changing lights be so hard. Love the different ending.

Wow, it might be a short one but it was well worth the play. Lesson have been learned for sure playing it.

Very scary experience, all I know was I was very determined to do my job and well at all cost.

Super fun game, I like the part where I'm broke. Very realistic 

This is the ultimate rage room. Amazing

Holy moly, this was so good. The jumpscares got me everytime. It might have been short but the many ending make it so worth replaying

Google maps gone wrong, amazing 

This was so good, might be a quick play but I was very scary.

Well that took a turn. Short but very well made game.

Loved the many ending, and how simple yet effective the game is. This my friends is why we don't talk to strangers

This game wow just wow. The story and true fear throughout it was amazing. Loved it.

So fun, only struggled a lot with finding the gas can lol. 

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Amazing, the creepy vibe through the game was on point. And the art my favorite part, added to the entire games theme. Excited for more to come with this little horror story.

I've always love these style horror. I can say I was not expecting the ending.

Wow just wow, I was not expecting any of that. Amazing game, I need more of this.

I am the best lawyer

WOW, this game is amazing, from the art, to the audio. Extremely scary, with that touch of humor. A perfect balance,  great work.

Well that was an unexpected twist, very scary game. 

Really scary game, I don't know what I was thinking was going to happen but definitely not nightmare fuel. 

All I wanted was a potty break not nightmares. Not what I expected at this pit stop, really good game.

Well I learned a very valuable lesson on not snooping. 

I believe I got the wrong tapes from the store, something is off here. Very off, and very scary. Amazing game

This game was amazing, loved the characters and the spooky atmosphere. 

I really enjoyed this game, the concept is really good and the atmosphere that was setup is chilling. This game is why I dont go in the ocean.

I really enjoyed this, the art was fantastic. And the overall game was very suspenseful.

Really good game, the atmosphere was super scary.

Why must toilets be so scary, can't I poop in peace.

Super fun, was not expecting the ending. But loved every minute,pretty sure they spiked the coffee.

Really enjoyed this games. It was really nice to play and spooky. 

Really enjoyed this game. Not sure im qualified to drive a garbage truck, but only hit a few things so its fine... right 

Love it, amazing game and the ending was not what I was expecting.

Two scary game collection, and multiple endings. A great experience even in a short time.

I loved the two ending. Very scary

Really good game, loved the spooky atmosphere and characters.

Hello, you mean bye, this game was amazing. loved the creepy atmosphere