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Ms. Black Fire

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I didn't even know you worked on a game🤯🤩 this is fantastic great game❤️‍🔥☺️ simple and fun💗 and a great reward at the end🥵🤤

this was a pretty fun game simple but works perfectly

don't worry about it at least I'm not worried about anything except revolves around paying for something I only pay for stuff on Steam because my computer is so f***** I don't trust any website except steam

I have a question regarding the relationship Morty will build up overtime with the different females characters like will be only have sex eventually or will Morty actually be able to have a love relationship and having a child stuff like that with multiple different female characters even those who ar related to Morty

sorry if I ask but I want to hear for the developer themself I'm going to buy the steam version now how is the Steam version different compared to this one on this side that's all and the game looks lovely