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is there a way to replay the tutorial? I have no idea what I’m doing. Is it even possible to lose?

I restarted the playdate and it’s fine now lol

new update keeps giving me a download error on my playdate device


Awesome. Will it have dpad support? Also, is the slow tilt control a hardware limitation? Thanks

Shining gadget is very buggy. If you lock the screen while on the ghost catcher hud, the mic stops working until you close the game and reopen it. Also, the collection screen will sometimes go haywire thinking the dpad is being mashed when it isnt. The tilt controls are extremely sluggish and require extreme movements. Id much rather use the dpad like in Necrocrisis.

One of the best Playdate games just got better!

fun game, but can you fix level 9? No human being could possibly make that shot in time.

Please add a high score counter. 

oh ok

I hear ya. I ask because I thought in the video you said you’d add more things to it. I guess not?

is this game dead?

the title is perfect

but why though