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Room left to the room with the Slave-Girl, you communicate with.  Though the alpha demo is gonna be updated soon it will feature a new level layout.

There should be a save data file on your PC that saves the game settings, deleted the file should reset things, you can find the file here: 

I have tried to make an Android version of the game, but besides the game looking awful on Android, the game went through constant crashes. I hope to port the game to other platforms such as Android in the future, but can't say when.

I don't have a set date, I hope soon but I don't want to rush things.

The demo has no save system, but the full game will have one.

Sorry for the late reply. currently, it's only for Windows PC.

In the room with the Slave-Girl, there is a door on the left, you need a certain Scarab to unlock that door.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game.

Really explore and note that maybe somethings you can't solve until you take care of other things first.

With another Scarab. They aren't locked into place, so you can grab one that is used to unlock a room that you have no reason to back to. 

Swap It

Steam -  currently waiting until the Alpha Demo is fully complete (2D Art/Animation) before I look into getting the game on Steam. Also, have a publisher interested in releasing the game on Steam.

Android - It's hard to say, I have attempted to make an Android port of the game, but during testing, the game kept crashing and the game graphics look really bad.

TIP: Green Scarab + Room with the Slave-Girl NPC

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Ah thanks, I'll fix that now

UPDATE: Fixed and updated the game to the Site

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There are plans to have unlockable Bondage Type outfits that players could play during their next playthrough. However, this really depends on whether I get enough supporters (on my subscription websites) so I have the funds that I need to implement them.

Also... "and also logical for the plot btw." Sorry but you're incorrect on that, the game's full plot actually makes it more logical that she is mummified throughout the entire game.

Oh but will mention that the Punishments are gonna have more variety in how Yui is bound up by the bandages, so you won't see her mummified in every punishment and there is some lore as to why that is.

Just click on the Level name (Tutorial/Showcase) and you'll start at the beginning.

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Recently had someone mention that the QTE might be tied to the Framerate so if you have the framerate set to Unlimited then that might be why the QTE might seem impossible.

I message people on my discord about this issue, and all mention that they found the QTE to be pretty easy. Wondering if the issue is a lag with your PC or something.

Yeah, this is due to how Unreal 4 saves data, it creates a special folder on your PC that is separate from the game's actual folder, so if you don't delete the actual save data folder the game will always load that data.

You can find the save data file here. 

Am hoping to port the game to mobile but it's hard to say at this time.

No, tap [W] or whatever you have mapped as the Up/Interact button.

You need to tap the up button until Yui is out of the sand move forward and repeat til your out of the sand.

the girls in the previous room, give you a clue.

Not sure, you only need the mouse for the menus, but if it doesn't appear in the menus, not sure why that is happening. I am planing to update the game soon, so I'll look into it.

Keep tapping the interact button until Yui is out of the sand and begin to move again until you stuck again and repeat.

Yeah, for some reason Unreal 4 has the VR Plugin applied by default and sometimes disabling it cause problems with packaging the game. However recently I think I have found a solution to the issue and hopefully fix it in the next game update.

I am hoping to have this game playable on Android someday, sadly the current builds have been suffering multiple crashes on android. Hopefully when the game fully converts to 2D it will have no issue running on android.

Tomb Escape was basically a proof of concept. while this is kind of a new demo and hopefully the start of a much bigger game (check the design document)

Thanks, I posted a Design Document if you want to see planned for the main game.

Thanks, hopefully it grows in support so I can continue to develop the game.