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Yeah, for some reason Unreal 4 has the VR Plugin applied by default and sometimes disabling it cause problems with packaging the game. However recently I think I have found a solution to the issue and hopefully fix it in the next game update.

I am hoping to have this game playable on Android someday, sadly the current builds have been suffering multiple crashes on android. Hopefully when the game fully converts to 2D it will have no issue running on android.

Wrapturous Adventure is the game that is been updating and such. Tomb Escape was just a prototype. 

Currently busy with other work for this month, but I have my friend work on some concept art of the characters that are planned in the Wrapturous Adventure game, and hopefully around October I'll be able to get back to work on the game.

Tomb Escape was basically a proof of concept. while this is kind of a new demo and hopefully the start of a much bigger game (check the design document)

Thanks, I posted a Design Document if you want to see planned for the main game.

Thanks, hopefully it grows in support so I can continue to develop the game.

Thanks for letting me know, I will look into that issue

Thanks for the Let's Play. Also got some plans for an update on the Prototype and such.

It is planned in the Main Game

Sorry to hear that, not sure when I will post an update to the game, but I'll try and look into seeing if I can update the android game (hopefully have less problems installing)