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This game was great! I really look forward to other games you decide to make! I managed to get one of the alternate endings and the true ending in my game play video. If you haven't played this game and are looking at the comments to see if it is good or not, it is!

This game was totally awesome! I really love games like this one. The creepy repetitive music coupled with Mr.Rabbit and Mr.Clown was just enough to make me feel weird and a little spooked. I'm not sure about when you start a new game what you're supposed to do as I didn't see anything you could interact with, only the creepy eyes? Overall this is a superb game and you should definitely keep at making games! I'll link my game play if anyone cares to watch! :)

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Awesome! I'm really excited to see what the full version can do, because I love games like these!

In it's current state, this game wasn't entirely scary. This doesn't mean it wasn't a good game. I really enjoyed the setting and mood, but the "scares" weren't scary. I will definitely play this game when the full one comes out as I really do think this game has so much potential! I really did enjoy the easter egg after the credits though ;)

Here is my game play and thoughts if you guys are interested!

This Visual Novel/Game was an amazing experience! I played through multiple times just to listen to the different dialogue options and to see the effect it had on the creature! I recorded my first play-through of it if anyone is interested in checking it out!

This game was awesome! It was short and sweet, and I absolutely enjoyed playing through it! Here is my recorded playthrough if you guys wanna check it out!

This game was awesome I highly recommend playing it for yourself! I recorded my playthrough if anyone is interested in watching!

I absolutely loved playing this game! This game had an amazing mood and setting! If you guys wanna check out my plathrough of the game I'll leave it here. I actually manged to get the good ending on the first time unintentionally!