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It never ceases to amaze me how the simplest of polished mechanics can be so much meditative fun. Really well done!

Clever use of mechanics and really nice visual design!

This game is eeeevil. Love it. Great design all around and a worthy and addictive entry into the player trolling platformer genre. I gave up after 150 deaths at the end of level 2. Got some real laughs at the surprises though.

I liked the music, sound effects, and art! Worked well on mobile.

Watching someone ragdoll in a Wipeout course is never not fun.

This game is gorgeous! Love the menu and especially love the way the world looks.

I could have used clearer instructions on how to proceed. I managed to mix a couple of elements on the bench but couldn't figure out what to do with the lava rock. Feels like I need more in terms of feedback. Didn't know what C for "Toggle Work Bench" did at all.

Really enjoyed this one! Very charming.

Really enjoyed the gameplay loop here. I felt the need to keep going until I beat it. (-:

This was loads of fun and a very creative take on the traditional platformer. Great job!

Very cool and creative game! Glad I checked it out and I love that you did something I haven't seen before. Working recursion into a platformer in this way is really neat!

Hey! I'm not dead! )-:<

Great job on the game, though.