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do you mean the theme the design of the ground floor, or is it about brightness feature to add to have the contrast adjustment in game, please share your idea with pics about what theme you like show me  images what you really mean with theme , please?

Looks fast like Sonic, Can you build it in Unity WebGL, i could help you with setting if you need unity collaboration, then put the game into 

Game Postings: Play the Isometric 2.5 Survival Shooter Game 

Connect Design Dev in Unity:

Where are here the comments, play the game and share your posting(optional screenshot of scores) We make other games 2 in unity 2.5D using Blender 3D and gimp 2D. join to test or make games into

Can i do with this something like this easy for more levels:

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Survival shooter 3 Fps Unity 2.5D WebGl 2 it runs fast now, enjoy this classic unity 3d game, start from Chrome using Unity WEBGL, what is your score, can you make screenshots here and post here, and share to friends. Our Dev Games:

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thank you, show me new here some features likes can you do the options, play, like, rate, share, what can i do all her, a small description?

have something for , also we lcustomize like this or alternative link 

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why it runs slow, see the difference or here