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Np. There's certainly a better way to script this, but it's simple enough that it doesn't need an elegant solution.

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Oh so you have a module player in the game already, that's really cool. So S3M, XM, or MOD files I guess. Are they Amiga or C64 modules? It sounds very much like the SID to me.

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Heads-up that the batch file shipped does not work, so some gamers may not figure out how to play it unless they tinker. It does not take into account directory context. I edited it a bit and now it launches fine from the batch file:

@echo off

cd ../vice

start x64sc.exe -config vice_en.ini -cartgmod2 "../game_files/hunters_moon.bin" -gmod2eepromimage "../game_files/hunters_moon.eep"

Cool little game. Nice gem in the Ukraine bundle. Thanks for you work, I thought it was very cool you were able to create a fully procedurally generated game. I like the C64 music, too. I see you are working on a realtime syntheziser (unless that's what the C64 music already is?) Either way looking forward to what you have in store.

I think this is 5 stars all around. Very polished, fun submission. I hope this wins.

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I mean, nobody asked for it, but I was about to. I just finished it on Steam, and it was pretty good. It had some problems with difficulty spikes but whatever, it was fun. Just about to try this one now.