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thanks nick-and-Phillip, i went ahead and split the video into 2 parts so ill make sure to link everything in the description, anything you want me to put in let me know! the video will be out on Wednesday 

around how long dose it take to beat this game?

i may make a video if its less than 30

I had created a little video on the game and to be honest I really enjoyed it despite what I said in the video

very good game I I got stumped on the last one but didn't edit it out of the video


Great game I love it so much. not what I was thinking but It turned out to be much better than what I was thinking! make more games like this! any time I make a video on a game I love I make sure the maker knows it was good

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I just played this game and recorded it, I wont put it in here bc of certain words that were said but good game! I got super angry at parts and now I have to play all the way up to where I left off but great game all in all. I was on the last part