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<3 <3 <3

haha no, not really intended as such :D

hey hey, thank you! ^^

currently you can only hear that song in the game - that's me singing, and i just recorded that for the game :D but if people are interested, i could put it on soundcloud or something

hah thanks, really enjoyed your commentary :D 7/10, appreciate it!

thank u very much! ^^

haven't gotten around to trying yours yet, but i definitely will!

ooh oh no! thank you for letting me know! i don't have a mac myself, so i couldn't really test it, but i'll try to get it up and running asap!!

thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it :) <3

thank you! really appreciate the detailed feedback! :D

thank you, really loved your submission to the jam as well!!

haha and i loved your commentary, thanks for playing! :D

aww that's so sweet thank you! i grew up in a tiny village but then moved to a city, and this is definitely inspired by how few stars i can see all of a sudden :')

thaank you uwu i'm really glad you do!

aaaa i loved this so much.. it feels so cozy and sweet playing this!!

and i always really love seeing analogue/pen-and-paper games during jams <3

lol ok thank you for the aggressive support :D

don't worry lol i won't

thaaank you uwu <3

thank you!!

and all of those things are already definitely planned for the full version, just didn't have time for them during the jam :D 

haha oh shit ok i gotta be honest, i know frighteningly little about technology lol so ok i wasn't aware it would actually be that easy to read it :D

glad someone found it tho uwu

and, thank u for your feedback!

thank u! glad u do uwu

modern masterpiece

thank you very much!! means a lot :)

thank u very much! means a lot

haha, glad you like the music :D definitely planning to upload them somewhere! i'll let you know once i do! :)

what can i do with the hat?? Q-Q

(other than that, i still love it :D it's so cute!!!)

hell yeah it's a whole ass game!!
and yeeah... gotta say, i'm also kinda proud of that idea myself :D

... ok now i feel obligated to also leave a comment on sad bird brb

thank you so much! i'm glad to hear you liked it :)