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Are you saying that I'm gay or something?

Why does this exist?

But still, there's a very low chance, like 0.000000000000000000001% chance of the creator adding any fanmade characters into their game.

I see you deleted the post I commented on. It's not gonna hide the fact away from me.

You're so immature.

That insult you came in with was so generic and overused that I'm not even gonna be hurt by that.

So I'm stupid for not falling for a website that's obviously a scam? Did you not even read the comment?

The creator doesn't really care if you don't play their games. So, posting that comment of yours is completely useless.

Why did you post another comment of the same video? Your first one was a couple of days ago. That was fine. But you posted another comment that's just the same thing. Don't go spamming the same video over and over again.

Apparently, there are people who don't understand what a fangame is in this comment section. So, let me say this. A fan game is a video game made by a fan based off of one or more established video games. You got that? I hope you did, because I don't want to see another "OH MY GOSH, THIS GAME IS A RIP-OFF OF BALDI'S BASICS!" It's not. It's a fangame based off of Baldi's Basics.

It's come to my attention that there are people posting comments saying that you can get free subscribers on YouTube by going to a website (which I will not share the link to, because I don't want people to waste their time on that scam) and doing stuff. Let me just get this out of the way. You can't get free subscribers on YouTube. It's not possible. It's just, not possible. People say that it is. But it's obviously not. So please, don't fall for these scams and go on with your lifes.

My thoughts exactly.

Was that even English?

Why did you waste your time to go to MS Paint and draw spaghetti over a man just to post a comment on the comments section of Baldi's Basics? Do you not understand that the creator's not likely to add fanmade characters into his game? It's basically a 0.00000000001% percent chance.

You know he's not gonna add fanmade characters into his game, right?

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Why are you posting your drawing that looks like it was made by a 4 year old using MS Paint for the first time?

What does Roblox have to do with Baldi's Basics?

And why are you posting a comment saying the letter B?

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What does Fortnite have to do with Baldi's Basics? I mean, you put a comment about a first-person shooter, on a comments section for a horror game. That doesn't make any sense.

Is this comment coming from a 5 year old child who doesn't have any common sense to know how to play a video game?

Ok? I don't understand the point of you posting that comment.

Just....why? You probably just offended someone by saying that.

You know saying "please don't leave a dislike because I am new to youtube" isn't gonna stop people from disliking the video, right?

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What do any of these things in your comment have anything to do with a horror game based off of Arthur?

Why did you waste your time making this cringey meme? It's 2018, not 2010.