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perfect death sound tbh

hey u got urself a pretty solid foundation actually, keep going !

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niceon another note i wish i could slap the tv directly lmao

Feels like a happy meal toy game

gotta come back to this with a friend eh

I'm in this game jam.

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I did it! 

I can do this in my sleep zzz
also is there a moon coin hiding somewhere? i sure cant find it
this could shape up to be a pretty solid engine i think

Concept's pretty cool, I'm particularly excited for future updates on this one

interesting choice of series here


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I wasn't getting the Death bug after I saved the game and loaded in that area :D
I got a pavilion, not like top tier gamer pc or anything but pretty decent. no frame rate issues that i can tell. still, this is an unreal engine game so some laptops and whatnot wont handle anything in this engine very well

Fkn sick 10/10