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Interesting. Can't wait for episode two :)

Wow. Psychedelic, interesting,




+1. That's all hard, worthwhile stuff. You have my continued admiration and respect. And I'm glad you're taking time to take care of yourself when you need it.

My frog experienced a deadly, deadly, deadly challenge. But I had a good time :)

Wow. Wick. You rock! That's a huge amount of work. Game making and grant writing are both complicated jobs, doing both at the same time is pretty amazing!

(just look at the screenshots on the store page! scrumptious!)

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The subterrestrials have returned! Abandon all hope, ye who game herein. A debut production from DarrenKwan8, with more and better things sure to come to those of us who wait!

Atmospheric. Lovecraftian. Challenging. Mysterious. Typerish. A great debut from newcomer SCR183! Can't wait to see what comes next.

Simple. Challenging. Frustrating. TrollToVictory has taken the first step on a road that will, no doubt, one day lead to a masterpiece of game design. 

The word 'demo' doesn't do it justice. The 12 levels include a pretty solid piece of gameplay, and funky retro soundtrack, and some nice level design (including some gratuitous rockets and aliens).  I look forward to watching the game grow, and playing more!

Gentle. Living. Nice. 

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Fired Up is great first product by Studio Outfall, a student team at the Los Angeles Film School. I feel honored to have been an early playtester, and to have been able to watch the production effort. While a few rough spots remain, it's got good art, good music, and fun opportunities for blowing stuff up. Give it a try!

P.S. The asteroid boss is brutally hard, but possible with the secret powers of the 'L' key.

A fun, bite-sized homage to the Kung Fu of old. Not yet finished (as of 2016.02.04), but on track to be a good thing.