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Ditto! You've done an enormous amount of brilliantly creative work. The awards are well-earned! And, everybody needs a break sometimes. Especially when tech ages :)

Woot woot!


Dang! This game just keeps getting better! You're a creative beast!

Cool concept, and a nice demo puzzle. Most point-and-click adventures suffer from obscurity, puzzles that can only be solved by wild guessing. Here, each drink had a very clear effect, and the friendly hints made it not too hard to figure out what I needed to do. In the end, I felt satisfyingly clever, and I had a good time getting to know your world. Cool beans!

Cool concept! The idea of tearing off limbs and rearranging bodies is brilliant! It very much appeals to the fierce kid within me. No fluffy Disney stuff here! It's life or death, limb and limb. Super!

Cool concept. The combination of choosing colors and matching beats is a great idea. Having to pay attention to shield color adds a nice bit of strategy. 

I wish I could use WASD as well as arrows ... my laptop keyboard just doesn't do arrows well.

Overall, and impressive jam game! Way to go team!

Interesting. The aesthetic is great - dark pixel art and ominous music. The levels feel a little empty, and I couldn't figure out how to deal with Falcon (he just kept killing me), so I sort of got stuck on that ...

I screamed, but Daniel didn't notice. Is that wisdom? I'll have to meditate upon this puzzle. Veeerrrry interestingggg ... hmmm.

Lots of options. It makes me feel like my choices really matter. Cool beans!

Ran into some bugs while trying to play the game, but I think I got most of the story. Short, random, but interesting. And with my favorite hard-to-spell animal.

Agreed. The cover art is totally authentic and original! Which is the best kind of art.

So much imagination! I like the twists and turns. And the little side bits that just give you info on the world. Great job!

Short but authentic. I like that his has both happy endings and sad endings. My choices mattered!

It took a while, but it's there!

A cool first story! Nice work Storyman, published game designer! While I do wish there were a few more branches and endings, I love your choice of words (humongous!). Having even a few of those stand-out words does a lot to make the story feel fun and loved.

Thank you, Miree! I'm glad you found some fun in the words and the story. In this project, I took on a bit more than I could handle (as we game designers often do). For sure, I think it would be better with more endings. A 'full and prideful bear' would be one good option. Right now, story gives the player lots of choices, but some of those choices don't matter as much as they should, because there aren't enough. Because I ran out of time. I may or may not return to this story in the future, and it may or may not get any new endings. I like the premise of the story, but time is a scarce resource. We shall have to wait and see. Most importantly, thanks for playing!

Thanks Aspiring! I'm glad you felt like you had meaningful choices. I'm still working on this, trying to make the final section a little more flexible and interesting. Thanks for playing!

Awesome original cover image! Totally indie, totally authentic :)

Thanks. I think I've fixed that issue, and I'm now working to smooth some of the lumps in the story. There were some unanticipated interactions with user choices that could lead to nonsensical situations. Glad to be a part of Week Sauce! Thanks MC.

Definitely a problem! Hmmm. I'll figure that out.


As a busy human, I want to make things, but struggle to find the time. This sounds like exactly what I need. I will go forward with low expectations of polish, and high expectations of fun. Thanks @MysteryCoconut!

Nice portfolio piece. It works exactly as described - an infinite space with stuff to collect, where speed is an unexpected danger.

The option of Goldfish Mode vs. Megalodon Mode makes me laugh. Nice!

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Dang. That was unexpectedly intense. In my first attempt, I survived not quite three seconds. But now that I'm expert, I can make it up to 20 seconds!

This is a quality portfolio piece - good controls, clear goals, nice animations, elegant visuals. My time with Red Triangles was time well-spent.

This is a nice tech demo. The space rain animation and the exploding cloud are both nicely done. Also, the zero-g controls work well.

Only a small part of the UI is visible on my screen, just the "w" and "s" buttons. Wish I could see the rest.

Still, it's a solid demo. It's a lot of work done in a short amount of time. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

This game is fierce,  full of flames and chainsaws. I enjoyed chopping monsters and feeding my machine. Got up to Wave 4 and flame level 18.

I don't understand how the tower defense works. Could you explain how to place towers? I tried pressing keys and clicking mouse buttons, but couldn't figure it out.

The jumping monsters are hard to kill. When I hit them with a chainsaw, they bounce backwards, so it's hard to get multiple hits on them. Flame works better, but I have only limited flame. This is cool. I appreciate the variety in enemy behaviors.

The pixel art is excellent. The flame and chainsaw animations are particularly well done.

Overall, this is a lot of game for two people and 48 hours. Way to go Zifeng and Jingyi!

Would slice and burn again 10/10

Chill music. Nice art and animations. Definitely felt a sense of opening and relief when I got out of the cave area. Kinda wish there was a more definitive ending. Still, I'm glad I took time to play this Jam entry. For just two people and only 48 hours, this is a solid piece of work. Go @Team Krypton!

- Tim

Classy little puzzler with nifty mechanics, cool pixel art, and a short but tough difficulty curve. First two levels were a very helpful intro to gameplay and controls. Last level was pretty challenging. Respect to @Team Ikea Shark for having built a polished game in just 48 hours! Dang!

Those are some intense dreams. Respect to @Team Couch Demons for having done so much in so little time!

Graphic art and story intro are intriguing. Gameplay feels awkward, and I quickly got stuck. Would love to play more someday. And I much admire all the work, it's a lot to have built in just 48 hours! Respect to Team Butter Baguette!

An interesting slice-of-quarantine life game. A little buggy, but I dig the concept. Nice work @Team_In-N-Out

Moody and thoughtful. A short but sweet journey through trauma and bouncy ladybugs. Nice work Poggy Water!

A fun little prototype / tech demo. I like the variety of the three stories. Some commands were a little confusing, but the help system was very clear. 

I particularly liked the ghost. It's many moods were cute.

Love the splash screen! And the concept for this game. This is a cool tech demo / prototype.

While playing, I found a few minor bugs. Several times, I got confused about what commands to use, and had to restart. But I figured it out, and the effort was worth it.

Inner worlds are fascinating. And the in-game help system was nicely helpful. Go summerfungus!


It's like a pastel purple game of slime roulette. Colors and bouncing and maybe you live and maybe you die, and you don't have much control over either. If you expect sensibility, you may not enjoy this game. If you want to bounce around, or you love randomness, then this is the game for you.

The artwork and level design are super trippy. I love it.

The gameplay is a little confusing. Sometimes, I die, and I don't know why.

Still, it makes me happy to be able to play as the moon. Too many games have creatures with arms and legs. It's nice to play something different.

I love the aesthetic of the level. Postapocalyptic garden fer sho. Some items could use a little more info on their use. I kept trying to spear a rabbit, but that didn't seem to work. Still, it was fun to be in a world of living growing things. Thanks soup!

Super! With every update, this thing that I thought was the best thing, somehow gets better!