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Would also love to inspect the project, Loving the game!

Loving it! I had a good laugh.

Thanks for the input Zen! Yeah I agree, they should definitely drop. The corpse sucking was in the pipeline actually! maybe I'll implement it post-jam. 
Agreed, I will need to keep the collision mask the same and not have it shrink with the object.

No time for end goal :( but thanks for the input! Will give yours a go soon! 

Hehe, The audio in the beginning gives a tutorial on the scrap piles. Use right click to extract the Moldevite Gems from the scrap piles :D

Hey thanks for the feedback! I never got time to implement sounds or visual feedback for when you get hit by drone bullets.  Also, I never got to implementing a game over screen - therefor the game_end lol.

And it seems my upload never saved... So i'll upload it as soon as I'm back from work today.

Exactly the same happened to me..

I was 100% sure when I did but then again it was 3:30 am.. If not I'll probably have to reupload?

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Hey guys, I've submitted my game last night and uploaded a zip file. I can't seem to see the upload or download my game?

 It sent me an email indicating it was published?

link :