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I really trying to get this thing working. But something is still missing from documentation perspective.

I tried to create custom tiles from beginning. Even successfully figured out how to do a complex moments, that are size of 16x, and made of parts that are 2x2 (1/4 of 16). 

Couple moments that are not that clear to me. What is exact difference between Flipped and Symmetrical (horizontal) tile?

As I understood we can make connections, such as:

10->10F (Flipped)

11->11S (Symmetrical)


They don't look flipped, both look rotated, and that flag (Flipped or Symmetrical) feels more like just an identification of pairs, not how they actually behave.

But thing is, when I'm doing ModuleData, even Simplify data, everything also seems to be fine.

But during Game generation, after a bit distancing, it gets stuck in Backtracking, that looks very simple to me, but really hard for the algorithm. And surprisingly, it does builds some tiles during backtracking that shouldn't be matching.

It does builds an impossible patterns with mismatching Connectors, I don't know why. Like 55s connected with 2s, and other ones. 

Is there any ideas what might be wrong?


Yep. Seems to be backtracking doesn't solve simple problems... Even in scene (3 tiles), where are straight lines only (no rotation in my case). Even with Boundary Constraints disabled. After one minute, it starts to do backtracking when there is no need in that. Like looks like a bug to me:

2998 Backtracking 758 steps...

+ Tried your tiles, picked up about 6, that will generate a plane (no walls). With boundary works, without nope.

I tweaked as much settings as possible, but result is still same.

Any ideas what's might be wrong?

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Nice job! Respect!