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wtf? anything i request doesnt work at all! i tried a short video but still didnt work. Please fix this error!

I think this is similar i found the character lengend and he wanted ALOT of hammers

this is a horrible game tell us screenshots, or what are we even playing? just nothing you get behind planes and it shoots NOTHING else!

I have no idea what's wrong! its a puzzle game but the last level not so hard so people dont rage

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ uh wha? zzzzzz

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ uh wha? zzzzzz

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Crash logs

place the crash logs here?

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Guys SHUT UP its a game where its placed in 1986 some videos arent supposed to work like games they have bugs in this game youtube has bugs. Please had more detail to the room like a couch and lighting make the room bigger and a note for thank you for buying the Rolo vhs player and where can i buy the rolo chs player on ebay or amazon?